Tuesday, 13 December 2011

Feeling Flushed?

Six of our finest girls lined up early Saturday morning to provide us with a bounty of beautiful embryos.
These gorgeous girls, the cream of the crop, provided us with 54 A-grade embryos, an amazing result.  This time, the 'Great Book of ET Excuses' didn't need to be plucked from the bookshelf, a good day in any technician's book.

This old dear, the only cow in a mix of heifers, producing 12, all of which we implanted.  Not the prettiest cow in the herd, she has proved herself time and time again with her progeny always top of the field.

Embryos were loaded into straws and transported to Bottle Tree for implantation into the waiting recipient females who will act as surrogates for the next nine months of gestation and six months of mothering.  With the sound of growing buffel grass ringing in our ears, and thunder storms bumping all around, we are quietly optimistic of a good preg-test.

First days of the school holidays saw the big girls and I tick some jobs off the 'holiday to-do' list, including starting the breaking in process for three head of cattle we hope to take to Beef 2012 next year.

With halters on yesterday and drag leads today, we hope to have them tied up by the weekend.  Of course, Christmas baking may take precedence.  It's all about prioritising.

Though I may have to put some time aside for a little revision on which ones we actuallly milk. 
Uh-uh Jessie.  Retreat.  This is a no-go.  Repeat, Jessie, retreat, retreat.

Today's rounds revealed babies galore.  Some red.

Some not.

These little tackers out of a Brangus female we flushed to an American Brangus bull.

After a couple of months of serious neglect, we also started a re-working of the vege garden area.

Surprisingly we unearthed some garlic, as well as potatoes of the conventional and sweet varieties, all thought to be long perished.  Although with potatoes currently selling at 29 cents a kilo, one must question the mathematics involved with the purchase of $18 worth of seed potatoes.

I'm sure they'll be delicious.  Expensively delicious.


  1. Good luck with the veges. I'm almost ready to give up on ours. Baby cows are very exciting too!

  2. Use embryos we have never done before, only artificial insemination in dairy cows and one bull in the breeding heifers.
    How is the success, now all six cows are pregnant? The calves look really good, nice colors!
    Advent Greetings from Wilma

  3. sounds like a profitable mornings work ;-) great science and ability involved in all that you present so matter of factly.

    And please, I would like to see those young show animals rugged :-) am imagining that, given how Jessie did not get kicked in the head, that they are pretty quiet and will not take much breaking in at all! (although am imagining kids being dragged about the yards, digging in heels, with friskly young bull on the other end of the rope!)

    Speaking of breaking to halter, we visited a breeders place not far from here where they had a little donkey just for the purpose of teaching bulls to lead. I've wanted one ever since (the donkey).

    And I must go and take some pics of our own black babies to share; I feel a new enterprise might be about to take off if I can block up the man with the blade come branding time ;-)

  4. King Ranch always used donkeys to halter break the stud cattle. Looks like Solo has the next best - Jesse and Fiona!
    Have you noticed , I'm getting in the Christmas spirit?
    Old Nev.

  5. Love your blog, you capture the most amazing pictures. So creative!

  6. Gorgeous! Your black baby is ADORABLE!!
    (But you KNEW I'd say that.)

  7. Hi Fiona
    It is lovely to stumble upon your blog. I had to smile at your title ~ I could call ours sheep, kids & chaos :) ~ although we do have one crazy cow too!
    I hope your cattle continue to go well!
    Renata :)
    (in NSW)

  8. good luck with a high preg test result. It's funny how one old girl will give huge success and great genes time and time again. the babies are too cute!

  9. love it Fiona..Jessie inspecting the undercarriage of the bull had me giggling..



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