Sunday, 11 December 2011

The Last Week

In a week that encompassed many emotions, we completed Years 1, 3, 5 and 7 in great style.  As an unashamedly proud mother, I will forewarn all, that I will continue to use this blog as my very own brag book.
Baby Sal, taking out the Academic award for the juniors,

Wallace, the intermediate, (as well as tying for the sportsmanship award)

and Jessie the Senior award.

Sarah, completing Year 7, and thus her primary education, was awarded a bursary for academic excellence.

I cried.
For many reasons.
Firstly, that my firstborn will be leaving the nest, leaving the small school that has not only provided her with an amazing grounding in education, but has also cared for her, supported her, lifted her, fostered her and protected her.

And secondly, because we farewelled an amazing young woman who has been at the helm of our school these past eighteen months. 

Who will be so sadly missed by all within our school community.
And who is moving onto a school I hope will love and appreciate her as much as we have. 
And I've no doubt they will.

We've had Christmas Carols,

and class presentations,

Christmas hats,

as well as Christmas gifts

and just as every cloud has a silver lining,

for the very last time I sent four lunch boxes out the door.


  1. Brag away, I don't mind! Congrats to all four offspring, you are wonderful kids. I am enjoying watching you all grow up. Enjoy the holidays, i'm looking forward to seeing the Summer adventures in the N household. Mare.

  2. Biggest congratulations to all your beautiful children. I am sure they deserve their success. (And you will not be the only Mum who won't be sad to wave the packed lunch goodbye for a little while)


  3. WOW - you should be proud! Great shots of some great moments... enjoy those holidays!!!

  4. you're allowed to brag all you want! your kids are awesome!!! :D

    mountain mama

  5. Lucky duck, we still have a week to go! How very clever the kids are to get all those awards, I too was so thrilled when my baby henry got one for basically the best improved and good citizenship on friday. I worry about the number of canteen lunches my kids have, though I think its better for them to get a salad sambo, rather than the vegemite one they might get from me! I'm pretty good at having snacky things here.

  6. You know I love a good brag about the kids Fiona!! Congratulations to all of them on their success. Enjoy the holidays! Donna x

  7. This describes our week ahead and I have six more days of lunchboxes ... I think that's the biggest countdown of the lot!

  8. Wow - well done Noakes children! That's just wonderful Fiona - you absolutely should be proud of them all. I love the last two photos - you always make me smile :) x

  9. congratulations kids! you have obviously bred a very brainy bunch! and I am SO with you on the lunchboxes, as bittersweet as it may be. Enjoy the summer holidays - I well remember my last weeks of summer holidays pre boarding school myself, way back in 1988. It doesn't make any better or easier for you, but the grounding your girl has gotten will stand her in good stead at school, and just imagine the fun she will have!

    I bet the other kids are more gloomy about the extra chores that will have to be shared around... ;-)

  10. Your kids are so beautiful.
    You must be so proud.
    I can't even imagine one of mine leaving the nest, it will be hard for sure. But she's a smart, bright, gorgeous girl with fabulous grounding, so my guess is she'll be fine.
    Love to you all, Niki

  11. You have every right to brag about their accomplishments! Congratulations to them all! (And to you, of course.) Two of my grand-daughters will be leaving the farm next year for boarding school and I don't even want to think about how much I shall miss them. Hope the kids enjoy their holidays!

  12. Brilliant, what bright and lovely kids you are raising. Kudos to that teacher too for encouraging them in their endeavours.



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