Monday, 19 December 2011

Our Latest Craze

Despite my dislike of televisions, we've had a new flat screen move into our home in recent days.  The kids have been glued to it ever since. 

Not much work forthcoming from the troops.

The beauty of this flat-screen, unlike our recent switch to digital (thankyou to the powers that be who switched off the analogue television service that has served us well over many years), is that it continues to function even if a cloud moves overhead.  Something our digital signal receiving satellite fails to cope with.
It also continues to entertain when the power is off, as it has been so many, many times since storms started a couple of weeks ago.
And there are no adverts.


  1. now THAT is a fishtank, and a mighty fancy one at that! I confess to spending quite some time watching my new guppies in their pond (aka pot) as does the cat. We live life on the edge up here ;-)

  2. Hours of family entertainment and you don't have to deal with ABC 3!

  3. Oh yes, this will keep them entertained for hours. x

  4. Watching fish is so relaxing. Our Digital reception was bad to start with but then it got pretty good, only a problem in a big storm now.

  5. I gave you an awrd to day, The Liebster award, I hope you haven't already received it! Cheers, j

  6. Oh I love it Fiona! I've been keen to get some fish for a while now - the kids are very attracted to them whenever we go to the pet shop to buy chook feed and I have fond memories of 'collecting' tropical fish as a child. We have a cat though and I can just see him batting the 'screen' and possibly dipping his paw in like a bear...

    Look at your gorgeous kids all enthralled!

    Wishing you and your family a wonderful Christmas up there on the farm!

  7. How beautiful! I am sure all of you will get lots of enjoyment out of it.

  8. Beauty, at last I might be able to catch something when I come up there!
    Merry Christmas to Sharon and all the Blog ladies. hope Santa has a full sack for you girls.

  9. Hi Fiona

    Thanks for an amazing blog, which has brightened my day on many occasions. My two girls and I dairy farm in South Africa, while Jon works about 50 km away to keep the wolves at bay. I discovered your blog about 2 months ago and I'm hooked! Have just read "Some days are diamond" from 2009, I couldn't have put it better.



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