Saturday, 24 December 2011

'Twas the Week before Christmas ...

and the annual waistline expansion project is well underway.
White Choc Rocky Road the current favourite.

Unfortunately, during this time of peace and goodwill,

 sibling disharmony is rife.
So gratifying to see that despite their differences, there are still some well wishes being offered.

Matthew has commenced annual holidays and we welcome our Dad back to the fold.

Three weeks without the phone permanently attached to his ear,

that's the true miracle of Christmas.

Time for children,


late afternoon lawn skirmishes,

and lessons in tactics.

Perfect to burn the few extra kilojoules currently being consumed.

Gingerbread house construction

was completed

and has already been

partly consumed.

This year's effort

including a Christmas Tree,

and the complete family.

Note the startling resemblance, me with flower in hair, Dad looking like Elvis.
With Santa Clause 1, 2 and 3 all featuring on television this week, the sofa bed has been pulled out more than one night to allow for a superior television viewing experience.

There's also been a little work,

with a couple of days spent at Bottle Tree.

And I don't just stand around, hands on hips.
But I wouldn't like to get the brand on the wrong butt.

Sal worked the backyard,

Jess kept them coming up the crush

and Wal cooked, while Sarah photographed.

A flat tyre on the way home was just what everybody needed. 

Quite tyring tiring actually. 

(Boom, boom).

We also fit in an afternoon of fishing,

so relaxing,

with Dad constantly warning children

to stay clear of the water's edge 

due to recent croc sightings.
Makes for a very peaceful afternoon.

There've been more new babies for Christmas,

and yesterday, the arrival home of this old girl.
who will be seen chugging through the rocks and wallabies in weeks and months to come.

And of course there was more kid-cooking.

And as the week before Christmas comes to an end,
I wish everybody a wonderful Christmas,
filled with love and laughter.


  1. Have a wonderful Christmas Fiona. I hope those gorgeous kids and your husband and yourself have a fantastic day and that the suckling pig is super yummy (I am quite jealous.)

    Take good care

  2. Beautiful Fiona! I love reading about your family each week. Thank you so much for sharing your memories with us all. Have a fabulous Christmas!

  3. What a week Fiona! how you find time to make gingerbread houses is beyond me. Enjoy your family time over the next three weeks. merry Christmas. Jane x

  4. Fiona, oh my christmas can a little family of (5) come for xmas as your place looks like christmas heaven. We won't be any trouble fully self contained....ha. great job kids!! great to see dad relaxing. Have a wonderful xmas you lot!! love megan

  5. Merry Christmas Fiona - it looks like you're well into the christmas spirit, whereas we've been running a bit late in that department. Trying to catch up though !!!

  6. Love every one if these shots - very Australian and Christmassy (minus the branding maybe :-)) hope you have a wonderful day tomorrow! Mel x

  7. Thanks for the Calendar, it's a beauty. Me and Old Di love them. Don't forget to tell the kids that Santa left some stuff here that he didn't have room for on his big trip.
    Have a great day tomorrow. I will miss the little Christmas puddings with holly on them, guess you can't have everything.

  8. PS. I know what Wallace is cooking. Who's going to eat them?

  9. Merry Christmas, busy busy family. Have a rest and a glass of something, and see you in the New Year. Hope Santa brings lots to the Farm.

    What's Wallace cooking? Do I want to know?

  10. Merry Christmas to you & your gorgeous family, Love Niki & Family x x x x

  11. ah, prairie oysters, that is what my dad used to call em when we had turns my stomach now but we used to eat them when were kids, very tasty with a bit of charring on the outside (we had a wood fired branding furnace) "just like sausage" we would tell the visitors. my kids have yet to taste the delicacy of cooked calf balls! (gas furnace is just not the same!)

    merry christmas to you and yours too, and may his phone be hidden at the bottom of the laundry basket! ;-)

  12. Merry Christmas to you and you beautiful family. My daughter and I love reading as we are 'townies' and it's great to see how others live. Also, my daughter starts high school next year and we look forward to hearing about boarding school. Just an idea for next years ginger bread house; if you cut jubes in half and stick them on sugar side down it kinda looks like stained glass. Looking forward to hearing about next years adventures and have a great day tomorrow :)

  13. Hope you all have a wonderful Christmas. Lovely interesting post as usual - I laughed at the kids on the sofa bed. They certainly know how to work, rest and play.

  14. Hello. Another great post! Despite there being consequences if anyone should "cross the line" there was still some festive goodwill offered even if there was no peace.

    Three weeks without a phone attached to his ear? Unbelievable. Unimaginable. Totally envious.

    Meg and I will no doubt be discussing your gingerbread house over breakfast in the morning.

    Have a great day; I look forward to reading all about it and seeing the pics. Look out for crocs.


  15. You guys are having a blast at your house! All the goodies look so tasty and the gingerbread house is really cute. Hope you all have a Merry Christmas!

  16. Geez Sharon, you didn't really eat them did you?
    I've had a life time of people trying to con me into tasting them. No way, give me a good old Four and Twenty pie any time.

  17. Oh Fiona, what a full week you've had! Another classic post, especially the photo of the four of them snuggled up in bed together. Love it! Have a glorious Christmas J x



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