Monday, 30 January 2012

Boys will be Boys!

With 42 mm of most welcome rain falling yesterday morning, it seemed just the motivation for these cheeky characters to execute the great escape.

Found frolicking with my milkers, these boys had obviously been having whoopee playing in the freshly generated mud.

Thankfully photography sessions for advertising had ended and they were left to enjoy their facial mud-packs.

Only four more sleeps until they catch a lift north.

Looks like a bath will be in order beforehand.

And only four more sleeps until my girl comes home for the weekend.
But who's counting?


  1. How did they get the mud on their faces? It looks like they're in a heap of mud. did they rub on an ants nest or their muddy legs? Do you wash them when they get there or before they leave home? Your girl will be just as excited! My boy spends heaps of time in his bedroom reacquainting himself with his things when he gets home.

  2. Gorgeous!!! ANd I feel your excitement from here for your boarding school releasee.

  3. my first thought was oh my how does one properly scrub an excitable sale bull?! (and does one of your bulls feature on the tv ad? I thought the picture looked very familiar, will have to try and catch the lot number next time I see it!)

    now, do try and restrain yourself and not be at the school until at least 2pm, it would be a bit eager to be stalking the school gates from 9am! :-)

  4. Hilarious Sharon!
    I don't think anyone is going to see that lot number!
    Maybe to get the mud off, run the bulls through one of those high hose things that gets rid of ticks etc. I can't recall what they are called. Something akin to a car wash???
    Yes an arrival at 2.00pm seems much more practical - ha ha!

  5. Too funny! Can't believe they only got their faces that dirty.



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