Friday, 20 January 2012

Cubbies, Cameras & Custardy Cakes (aka Trifle)

I've pulled myself from the doldrums, and have really enjoyed these last few holiday days.

Unfortunately Matthew was summonsed to Winton early in the week, some nine hours drive away for a job weighing steers which took all of two hours.  Such is life.  The kids and I have enjoyed eating tea in the lounge-room (unheard of any other time of the year) and generally goofing around.

There's been banana cake baking, pikelet enjoyment, colourful cubby creativity,

as well as much trampolining under the tree

(not exactly OH&S compliant), but they seldom bump their heads more than once.

Matthew's Mum arrived last night for a couple of days.  A very welcome distraction.  And of course it's been another full blown Christmas extravaganza. 

There will be nothing move, four legged or two, fur-coated or other, without having it's image forever frozen in time. 

I feel another external hard drive coming on.

Timely, as today we primped and preened sale bulls,

readying them for a photography session.  If I look a little reluctant to get up close and personal, it's because I was.  This fella had never had a hand on him before.

It seems I haven't been the only one busy with name-tagging.

Sally can't wait until next mustering day to try out this personalised saddle blanket, and we other five are putting in orders for next Christmas already.  Very special.  Thankyou Old Nev.

In an effort to most effectively use some of the excess eggs and milk we currently have, we whipped up a gallon of custard,

combined it with some sponge rolls

jelly and whipped cream and called it a

trifle, which I've been hankering for, for the entire Christmas season, and had thus far evaded me.

Now, off to do seventeen laps of the front paddock on the treadly.


  1. That bull is a beauty, so quiet for never having a hand on him, I am not so brave as you, but love patting show bulls.

    Kids photography can be either really good or atrocious, thank goodness for them being digital these days! I can just imagine my mother's dismay when she used to get the films developed for astronomical prices way back when.

    Your trifle looks yummo, did you booze it up with marsala?

  2. grandi would have been welcomed with open arms, bearing such wonderful gifts ;-) (of course, she would have been greeted with as much enthusiam without too of course!)

    I tried to comment on-the-road from my semi-smart phone, Trevor has requested pictorial evidence of you running the cows in on your bike. And he means the non motorised version. he rates that as amusing as me walking with the kids, dog, puppy, pigs and poddies. everyone wants to walk with mum.

    enjoy the last 24 hours, not that you would be counting or anything!

  3. GO with cameras, kids!!! And can I have a serve of trifle please... *drool*
    You bull looks lovely - I need some tips on getting 'proper' bull photos that good!

  4. I'm sure those cameras couldn't be in better hands, if the kids are anything like their mum. I think I'd be more than a little cautious is I were in the pen with that bull, he's huge. And a photogenic beauty, too. As for the trifle - I'm drolling.

  5. Very colourful streamers - they look great. Hope the drop off goes well; will be thinking of you. Mare

  6. I'm not sure if I could pick a favorite part of this post if I tried: the colorful paper chains are gorgeous. I still have a red and green one I made as a child! That's a great picture of the bull. Looks like you have a couple of photographers on your hands!

  7. Hi Fiona - I love you blog & photos so much and often share them on Twitter & Facebook. I also love your Australian Year of the Farmer banner - awesome! Author Fleur McDonald is profiling Australian farming families on her website for AYOF, would love it if you would share. I can email you details if you're interested:

  8. Oh Fiona, what a ripper of a post! I can't believe how all the children are such keen photographers. Just fabulous. And your method of constructing a trifle is so pretty. It's heading straight to my Pinterest board ☺. J x



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