Thursday, 5 January 2012

From Bottle Tree to the Beach

We've returned from Bottle Tree where we managed to brand another couple of paddocks.  It needed to be done before the two big girls head off on a beachside holiday with Nanny and Grandad. 

We were already short one ringer, with Wallace having to be left behind, suffering a particularly nasty belly bug.  Steel is not enjoying his Christmas present at all.  An electric collar. 

The older girls believe they're big enough now to dispense with the helmets.  They could be right.  I'm just not quite ready yet for this step. 

The helmets provide such little sun protection though and are such heavy, hot contraptions, making an already hot, sweaty job even moreso.

Fred the wonderdog and I were relegated to the bike.  Fully expecting to be riding, I'd packed my dinky little camera in my pocket and was hopeful of some horseback action shots.

Instead, Fred and I swept the back reaches of the paddock, sending cattle into the awaiting horsemen.

We drafted cattle late into the afternoon and made an early start on the branding next morning.

While the rest of us enjoyed tea and toast before setting out, Sally chose not to, and firmly believed her stomach was digesting itself by the time we'd finished branding and headed back for a cook-up.

It's a hot, tough job for a kid.

Made worse by your sisters talking incessantly about going to the beach for a holiday.

Never mind Sal.  I'm sure they'll miss us terribly.


  1. Lovely photos, that expression says it all doesn't it? You're very productive on your property, How big is your 'rough little patch'?

  2. Each one of your photos is a masterpiece in itself.

    Do you get any of them framed?

  3. firstly I love the shot of you and fred, and it seems you drew the short straw on the bike, doing the miles...would love a pic of mum and kids mounted although I am guessing that would probably go down as well as the request would here.

    there was even a suggestion of a holiday here, but when he outlined the itinary, it seemed most of it would be spent driving...and what to do with the poddy, piggy, puppy and idiot horse that has wounded itself? Not to mention also the suggestion we need to do some branding before we go...I think it will be March before we would be getting away!

    hope wallace is better soon, and sally gets to enjoy her sister free time!

  4. You put in one busy and exciting day's work. No need for holiday entertainment out there! Your photos remind me of distant childhood memories in Cunnamulla although it looks less red your way!

  5. Another beautiful post. You do take the most amazing photos! Also loved the previous bike riding post.

  6. Hmm, not so sure about your last comment! Hot work but Fred looks happy at least. Great to see a pic of the bike; Sept 8-16 is the bike ride this year, second last week of term 3! Just sayin!

    Home alone again; the other four spread out across Qld (and the planet in one case. He is having the most incredible experience). Am having a wine and about to cook a t-bone (non wagyu this last beast. G's comment was that we're never doing that again! Fair bit to get through tho' until we get another freezer full).


  7. awe, so cute! love the pictures as seeing someone else's family in another country.

    happy new year!!

  8. Loving your Blog.
    Robyn up north



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