Sunday, 29 January 2012

Hot Shots & Demanding Milkers

Late yesterday afternoon, for a little Saturday fun,

Dad and the kids took turns

shooting at a row of tins perched on the edge of a garden bed.

Of course runners must be employed to race down and check the number of 'hits' between rounds,

the competitive nature of these children ensuring score-keeping was an integral part of the activity.

Being rather non-competitive by nature, I see no point in naming 'winners',

but will instead suggest to Wallace to just keep practising boy.

And finally this morning some rain is falling on Rock Wallaby.  After listening to impressive rainfall reports everywhere else this week, we'd only notched up an inch.

Unfortunately, Olivia my milker is bellowing to me from the yards and I'm tempted to send a child over to let her calf out.  Ease up on the milk people.


  1. You can have some of our rain. If only I could package it up and send it your way! I have a collection of buckets scattered around the house catching drips, the back door won't shut from the swelling (time for a new one maybe) and everything is damp and dank - what I would give for even just one day sunshine to air the place out and dry the towels!!!

  2. I wish I could send some rain your way too. I could never shoot properly, so feel for dear Wallace.

  3. We are having slow steady rain. When I walked across the grass yesterday, my feet had water well up the sides, it's just sitting there. Some very nervous people here in Moree, thinking of another flood. Lucky you having a milking cow. I've always wanted one. My hubby always says milk is cheap(cos he'd be the one milking it!)but he doesn't do the grocery shopping and see how much we spend on milk alone! HUUUUGE

  4. The heavens opened here early this morning as well Fiona! Love lying in bed listening to thunder and torrential rain but it was all over by daylight. Rest of family had a pleasant surprise when they went to cross the creek this morning to find it half a banker. Don't think I'll show my boys (or big girl) the shooting practice - they will be envious!?

  5. as a poor shot myself I will change the subject and instead ask for a tour of the garden - very impressed by the manicured lawns and garden beds I see!

    I got all prepared for some lovely, monsoonal rainy days (as opposed to storms, which I can't complain about, husband tipping out 110mls from the gauge on wednesday and reported all dams are now full, thankfully) but so far its all come to naught but a piddley fast shower one afternoon. But glad to hear that you are finally getting under some moisture, how nice that view is...and can't say I would want to milk the cow in the rain either! ;-)

  6. This southern city girl, who is a former country girl, is wilting tonight - it is still over 30C down here with a wild northerly blowing us away! But none of your rain, or yours either Sharon!

    I hope the suturing procedure went well and that pup is soon on the mend!

  7. We are getting a lot of rain this morning. Hope you all are getting more rain than just an inch!



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