Tuesday, 10 January 2012

Missing Christmas

With Matthew back to work yesterday, the harsh reality that Christmas is actually over is settling upon us.  Sally was quite right when explaining to me that the reason it's called Christmas (pronounced Chriss-miss) is that when it's over, you really miss it!  Couldn't have said it better myself.

I'm leaving this wreath up a little longer in the kitchen.  It matches my red curtains, and hides some of the gecko poop on the windows.
Afternoon beers have been replaced with juicy, healthy mangoes.  Our little mango tree just won't stop producing.  I'm now even gladly sharing with the cockatoos.  Mama Pig even looks the other way when we throw a few more over-ripe delights into her paddock.

Morning lie-ins have been replaced with the 5am morning news blaring from the radio.  Teeth-rattling cycling jaunts and bone-jarring runs are coming back into fashion.  I always start the year with more jiggly bits than I finished the previous one.  Sign of a great Christmas break I guess. 

The weather has fully heated up.  Strength-sapping heat that confines everybody indoors for a few hours mid-day.

I'm endeavouring to clean up Sarah and Jessie's bedroom before they return from their beachside vacation.  Of course I seem to be spending a great deal of the time sitting on the floor in tears as I flick through old memories and add more items to the growing collection behind her door that need to be packed for school.

My washing machine is on summer break as well.  Fortunately I nabbed a small twin tub from under Mum's house and have been coping quite well.  In fact I was even passing comment to Matthew over a cold mango yesterday afternoon that it was far quicker than the automatic machine.  At that point I hadn't commenced the moutainous pile of jeans and thus wasn't aware that it could only handle two pairs per load.

I would prefer not to see the evidence of how filthy our clothes are.  Admittedly this was the last load of some particularly nasty branding jeans.  And in news just to hand, my not very old automatic washing machine has been deemed uneconomical to repair.  I hadn't realised when it was purchased only five years ago that it was a disposable commodity.

Sally and Wallace are missing their older sisters. 

A face-paint find today providing some entertainment.

Sally up first,

 channelling her inner cheetah.

Wallace, aiming for an Avatar look,

though lookingly decidely smurf-like.

Tomorrow is the great back-to-school spending spree.  Hopefully there'll be no tears in the Big W stationery aisle.  Though there have been in the past, and nothing to do with boarding school.


  1. This post made me laugh, and made a few tears spring to the surface - I imagined you cleaning and finding 'Old Pig'.

    We had the school shoes spend-a-thon today. The uniform spend-a-thon is later in the week. A word of warning - don't 'Contact' any books in this heat, the 'Contact' sticks to everything but the book.

    Stationery can be very divisive.

    As for the washing machine, I had a good discussion with the 'Asko' repair man the other day. He told me I could expect my front-loader machine to last 20 years, and I could still expect a new one to last that long. Asko's are a bit more expensive, but I love mine like a sixth child.

  2. AAArgh twin tubs are such hard work and time consuming!!!! yes smurfs and oompa luumpas at your house!hahahha

  3. 1. loving the blog banners that come every month.
    2. I hear you on the washing machine AND mango front. Although freshly home from the city, kids and were craving some and went to the fridge to find we had given the last one away...although there are still some on the tree so all is not lost...and about 10kgs in the freezer.
    3. I like your decorating ideas. I do not mind geckos in the theory that they eat the spiders. But I think the spiders are winning.
    4. we are branding this weekend which of course co-incides with the heat wave of the year. And while I scoffed at the shed that was built over the branding race, am now mentally wondering how one might attach an upside down sprinkler to the rafters (without having the furnace get wet)
    5. Have fun at Big W. been there and done that just yesterday. I was smart, sent the kids with dad to buy yet more Caterpillar parts...

  4. OOOh If you haven't already picked out a new washing machine. I can highly recommend the LG STEAM washer/dryer combo. They are expensive but soooo soooo worth it for we busy mums, I loved my first one so much I now have 2. Mine are the white 10kg washer and 6 kg dryer. It takes a really long time if you use all the longest settings plus dryer mode, but I can put my sheets in it in the morning and come home from school to them dry and ready to go back on the bed!!! Or wash uniforms at night and them be ready for the kids to put on in the morning. There's not a stain these machines won't get out too, especially useful for grotty farmers and stock and station agent's clothes!

  5. Hi, appreciate your "not long now" comment. Four sleeps for me, three sleeps for him until he leaves - except now he's a bit worried about the weather ie blizzards shutting down Ottawa airport. That's all I need! Another day or two waiting after so long! He's not gonna know what's hit him once I set eyes on him when he comes through those sliding doors - he'll be on his back with me jumping up and down on his chest, bellowing that my boy is home at last! Have seen some awesome photos that he took down south, will post them soon on sliprail.

    Also, re your previous comment - coffee would be good this year. I looked for you and the kids in the crowd at the Ekka on that Sunday(feeling like I'd recognise them the easiest, then you and then Matt in that order, sorry!) - so who's doing the stalking?!! There is talk of having a presence of some sort at Beef; will definitely let you know if that comes off (and if I don't make it up there you'll have to forego the coffee and have a beer and steak with Gibbo instead!!).

    Good Luck to you all with the whole boarding school thing (but especially to you).

  6. Fiona, I have yet to complete the shoes and uniform jaunt but I can tell you I was the only ones crying in the aisles at Kmart last night as I deciphered the book list . It was so much easier when they were all at primary school. Everything about the move to high school is making me so anxious!



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