Tuesday, 17 January 2012

A Mixed Bag

As we look down the barrel of a new school year, it seems as though we're all riding a roller-coaster of sorts.  Of course there are those little ones whose excitement can't be contained, eager to see what lies around the next corner, some a little fearful of the twists and turns but still confident of the fun that lies ahead, and others like myself, clutching on for dear life, wishing the end would come, that the track would run smooth again, that next Monday would arrive and we could settle into our new routine, our new normality.

We've been busily making laundry bags,

sewing a name tag on every item on which one can be sewn,

covering books and readying ourselves for Sunday's trip to town.

Life outside the houseyard has continued regardless.

My beautiful and favourite milking cow Priscilla has calved again, meaning she will re-enter the fold in the next week or two.

Having only weaned her last calf a month ago, she's had little time to herself.  Her latest baby girl is by a Brahman bull, she herself being a purebred Jersey.

We're unsure whether Liesel is therefore a Jer-man, a Bra-sey or just a Jer-bra.

We've opted for the Jer-man, and having just finished Markus Zusac's  "The Book Thief", our little Jer-man girl has thus been named Liesel Meminger.

In the meantime, Olivia has been filling in for Priscilla,

a Brown Swiss-Jersey cross, and mother of Opal,

a most cantankerous little piece of work.  Olivia hadn't been milked before, and for a first-timer has been a dream.

The show calves haven't had quite as much attention as I'd hoped, but some more time will be spent with them this week.  The girls have to have them leading properly before school resumes.

Perhaps we could phone a friend.

Despite my disdain for youngsters with fidgeting thumbs, and eyes only for screens, Sarah received a phone for Christmas.  I wonder if she'll be the only child at school with Slim Dusty's Whoa Bullocks on her playlist.

We're back to town today for dental appointments.
Then it's baton down the hatches, lock the gate and stay put until Sunday.


  1. don't wish away your last few days of the holidays, enjoy the non routine, bake a cake and have a picnic down at the dam/creek, swim and while away the hours with no rush to go home. That's what I wish we could do, but we have last minute dentists visits at the end of the week and Grandma is clamouring for the kids to go for a sleepover at her place before school starts (and fancy! school starting on a monday! I feel robbed)

  2. AAAARGH! I hate the big pack up and labelling of everything! My son delays and delays packing his civvies, as a delay tactic to going back, it drives me insane cause I am the one up all night labelling and packing and guessing what he will want. Sometimes he is still grabbing stuff as we are telling him to get in the car! This time it may not be so bad as he won't have any new uniform. but the books will all be uncovered, again.

  3. When aren't you busy, Fiona? This is just a different kind of busy, I think. Your cattle photos, as always, are delightful. Love the little Jer-man. Or it is Jer-girl?

  4. I've just finished sewing Cash's name tags on a whole heap of uniforms, too. I love Cash's name tags. Not many people use them any more (only the select few!).

    You have beautiful cows. I bet it's going to get much more tearsome as boarding school approaches. Good luck, be brave!xo

  5. I just found out I have to het the high school hats embroidered. Spare me! No really spare me the shops, the expense, the dragging unwilling boys to clothes shopping. And then we have to work out where to put it all!

  6. Oh you're so much more organised than me! I bought a few books last week but have to wait for school to start to buy some new uniforms (they sell them). And I definitely have to buy 3 pairs of schoolshoes. Oh woe is my wallet by the time school starts!

  7. I am still gearing up for all the labelling and the washing and the ironing ... sigh ... dentist was yesterday and a couple of other appointments over the next week or so and then we should be ready. We don't return until the 6th though, which is good because my two have only decided that sleeping in is a good thing in the last couple of days!

  8. Liesel is a beautiful name and she is a great looking calf. My mom always wrote our initials on our clothes when we were kids because we had a problem with taking each others belongings and claiming them as our own!

  9. How did the jersey brahma cross turn out? Has she calved and are you milking her?



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