Friday, 27 January 2012

A Surgeon's Hands

It has long been said that necessity is the mother of invention.  And in the same vein, living far from town is the mother of being able to make do with what you have.  Whether it be a lack of self raising flour in the pantry, a ladder in the only pair of panytyhose in the cupboard, or as was the case earlier this week, a dog with a badly cut foot.

Sarah was gone but one night when the dog dramas started.  Being our number one dog handler and trainer, her absence was yet again sadly brought to the fore.  Fred the Wonderdog set off on yet another of his wandering jaunts, found not too far from home, after a phonecall from a friendly neighbour hinting that Fred was enjoying a taste of roadkill on the highway not far from home.

And then Ruby, Sarah's pride and joy, cut her foot, a large flap of skin requiring some veterinary attention.  Enter Dr Matthew, an 18 guage vaccinating needle cut and shaped to act as a suturing needle and a roll of dental floss.

Ruby sat curled on my lap as her foot was stitched and all is now well.  We'll wait till Sarah's home next weekend to take the stitches out. 

After a couple of nights recuperating in the laundry and one too many attempts to curl up on Wallace's bed, Ruby is now back in her cage, but on light duties for the next week or two.


  1. Brave dog! Hopefully Sarah will take the news well. Is she reading your blog to keep up to date!?

  2. the power of dental floss and bush ingenuity! (I recently noted the use of an old tyre spanner as the kick starter on my brothers motorbike...a bit rough but it works!)

    I bet you had to hold her pretty firmly during the suturing, but pleased to hear she is doing well. We recently had a wandering episode of our own, with dog and pig heading out Saturday morning and not returning until daylight Monday morning.

  3. The Master of Make-do. Nothing beats it! Hope Ruby is doing well and you are enjoying your weekend with all the family unit whole again :)

  4. Do you make house calls? My last doggie cut foot cost $350 at the vet's, a few years ago and on a great dane! I am close enough to be able to run in quickly, He was a HUUUGe dog and I wasn't going to take him on to stitch it up, he didn't like me much, and all the other dogs knew it and didn't like him back! Needless to say he has now gone.



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