Tuesday, 3 January 2012

'Twas Mulga Bill from Eaglehawk

A particularly spoilt mother in this household received an abundance of wonderful gifts this past Christmas, one of those being a bicycle.

It sparked some renewed interest within the family, and after some overdue maintenance issues,

oiling chains and replacing seats and tubes,

we've been doing a lot of pedalling this past week.

A cleared area across from our front gate used to store gravel during recent highway-widening activities, proved to be a great spot.

Wallace thinks my bike is of the slow variety,

what he doesn't understand is it has nothing to do with the bike,

but all to do with the motor.


Sal seems to spend as much time under her bike, as on it.

When it comes to bike-riding, she's pretty handy on a horse.

Every knee and elbow grazed.

In her own words "I'm just a wreck".

She's happy that today we're swapping these wheeled beasts for our more controllable horses

as we head back to Bottle Tree for more branding.

Less than three weeks of holidays remain.


  1. Looks like you all had fun!!! Purchasing a bike is on my list of things to purchase this year! Happy New Year Fiona to you and your family!!

  2. That's a great looking bike!
    When I get on my bike I'm always very acutely aware of the damage I can do to myself and how much it will hurt if I fall off - never crossed my mind as a child!
    Looks like a great day :)

  3. What fun, I hope you have one of those extra padded seat toppers! Less than 3 weeks to cram up on the fun.

  4. now I am not saying anything about the size of your bum (which is rather slim) but invest in one of those extra wide, gel filled seats. Your tail bone will thank you (and gracefully reject any husbandly offers to install an old fergie tractor seat on your bike, although just quietly I think it could be a marvellous idea).

    I do have to say I am with Sally, I do prefer a four legged mode of transportation, although not being as light and sprightly or fit as I used to be, I don't exactly spring on these days and am not sensible enough to find a short horse. Husbands again are rudely helpful with offers of tractors and forklifts, when really his energies would be best spent in giving me a little boost or finding the perfect stump.

    Let the last three weeks magically lengthen and do enjoy the branding. I wish you some cooler days for that joyous endeavour!

  5. Now you'll all have to get an empty water bottle or pop bottle and work it down near the tire. Sounds like a small engine. Ohhhh, great fun.

    Happy new year to all of you!

  6. I got a new bike for Christmas too..I am 72 and my engine is on the slow side too..

  7. Happy New Year, Looks like great fun.

  8. Happy New Year! We got the kids new bikes for Christmas. Miss 7 is nearly as tall as me (well as my shoulders) so we bought her an XS Ladies. The seat's really easy to adjust, so I've been burning around on it more than her! Think I should probably get one of my own though. Passed the neighbour today and he was laughing at me bouncing up and down on the corrugations on the pretty pink bike!



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