Saturday, 25 February 2012

The Day After the Night Before

Saturday mornings that start with an alarm blaring at 4 am would be best not preceeded by the annual school meet'n'greet and a post midnight bedtime.  A quick executive discussion at alarm time determined that the children would be best left sleeping another hour.  Keeping in mind ... we're all about the kids.

The plus side of the two and a half hour early trip to Bottle Tree

is passing the golden arches.

Horses were run

and given a thorough inspection after what seemed a long break since last saddle up.

Wal looking exactly as I felt, though at least I had the sense to don appropriate riding apparel.  Fortunately jeans had been packed for both he and Sal, also resplendant in beach attire.  Who's to argue with a barely awake child pre-dawn.

Sarah's day started better than it ended

with her old bronc obviously feeling the affects of a recent inch of rain and flush of green feed.  Dropping his head and fully 'putting it to her', Sarah rather unceremoniously was planted in the dirt.  Unenthusiastically re-mounting, the silent tears that continued to flow for the next half hour resulted in Mum and Sarah undertaking a mid-paddock steed-swap.

I now have serious doubts of ever re-claiming my beloved Black Bob.

Although Wallace didn't remember his strides, he did bring a gun.  Priorities.

Another load gone to the meatworks.  Very little rain to report, 24 mm at Rock Wallaby for the week, 37 at Bottle Tree.  We'll try not to let it worry us yet.


  1. I love that your kids all muck in and help! Hope some water comes your way soon.

  2. I don't do the early morning thing well! Hubby does all that and I am often amazed at what my little man comes home dressed in!

  3. oh, yes, its certainly all about the kids and not about the over consumption of wine or beer :-) or in my case, just staying out after 9pm is enough to cause hangover like effects. Anyway, 4am is a most riduculous time of day to be out and about. I keep telling The Husband that enough he might believe it.

    We know how Sarah feels, my dead quiet steed seemed to grow in size when I girthed him up yesterday, and I felt it prudent to lunge him and get that frisky skip and jump out of his system, and then plonked the boy child on his back. Sensible as ever (or prudent himself?!) he deflated and the gleam went out of his eye, no fun to be had today, you could see him thinking! (the girls old ponies too have been feeling frisky, but thankfully their buck jumping days are long gone and the result is more of an excited canter!)

    I still think the rain is coming your way. Get the kids to do a rain dance! :-)

  4. ps. my angus would love your wallace (oh, strong scots names!) he doesn't mind a bit of injun shootin' himself!

  5. The sacrifices we make for our children....LOL and at that hour it would have been, a two cup of coffee, for each hand.

  6. Love the gun! We've had very little rain up here too!

  7. Life isn't all about cows and cowboys. We need a report on the steam mop.Someone has to keep the house clean.

  8. I'm new to your blog and have to tell you that I'm loving reading and seeing the images that you post - it's the Australia that I had in my head when I was little. Moving to Brisbane is not too different to living in the UK (although we were living in the country in England) so seeing your kids being such a part of the land is just glorious.

  9. You always capture such wonderful moments.
    Poor Sarah, at least she got back on that horse.
    Hoping for rain your way.x

  10. Beautiful pictures as always! Hugs to Sarah!



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