Wednesday, 29 February 2012


While some may look at this image and see two loving sisters, each missing the other dreadfully during these early boarding school days.

All I see is the challenge ahead removing knots from that Rapunzel-like mane of hair. 
Why is it that the child with the longest hair also has the most sensitive scalp?


  1. I hear your (and her) pain. We reverted to a bob as a response to the morning bird's nest. It is a lovely moment you have captured there

  2. Lots of conditioner and a wide toothed comb will do the trick! Some hair just can't be brushed and must be plaited to keep in line. I know this from my own hair!

  3. which is why, with much tears and wailing (on their part) they both got nice short chops this summer.

    I use a spray bottle with water and conditioner in it, and apply liberally. Also got me a brush from woolies that said was good at detangling and smoothing, and waddaya know, it actually works!

    or dare I suggest....pocket knife? :-) (more for the pulling of the "tail" but giving it a hair cut could work equally as well! I am sure that the suggestion would go down well!)

  4. I just tipped two bottles of de-tangler down the sink. As much as I love long, feminine hair, I know I'd face knot-caused fights when it came to brushing. Thank goodness the older one has always wanted short hair.

    I predict tears. (Such a beautiful photo. If I look at it too long, I'll start crying. Can you please put a photo up of your kids going at it hammer-and-tongs?)

  5. That's beautiful (and I would suggest that nothing has changed since your days at Emmanuel). Mare

  6. Love the pic Fiona - my daughter has ringlets so I am always battling with knots! I have been following your blog since you started it after your cousin - Madame Restora mentioned you in hers. I have (finally) just started our blog after being inspired by both of you and the fact that I am now pregnant with triplets! Here is the address if you are ever interested or have the time!

  7. hee hee...i love the way you look at life! :)



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