Monday, 13 February 2012

A Weekend Wrap

I can see that weekends are going to forever more be the highlight of my weeks.  The calendar of my life being a countdown of sleeps until all my kids are together again.

After spending Saturday at Bottle Tree gathering some fat cows for the meatworks, and tagging bulls with fly tags, these goons still had far too much energy upon arriving home.

Sal, obviously benefitting from the two hour nap on the long drive home.

These girls have had the dogs hitting the end of their chains,

in preparation for this year's local show

and whipcracking contest.

No chance of relaxing pre-dinner drinks around here. 

Jess farewelled her beloved George.  He and two of his mates trucked away for the next couple of months, to be shown by the ag kids at Sarah's school.

Hopefully a perfect partnership, with young students benefitting from the opportunity to prepare and show cattle, and us having a presence at some of our local agricultural shows without the level of commitment required to be there ourselves.

This week and next are short weeks for our big girl.  This coming weekend a four-dayer. 
So you know what that means.
Only three more sleeps.


  1. Oh the countdown of the sleeps I remember so well.

  2. Too sweet!. The whole thing. Saying good-bye to George, waiting for them all to be together. I love it.

  3. As usual they all so look so happy. I love that Sarah is practicing her whip cracking with her phone in her hand and Jess's face saying goodbye to George says she's really going to miss him. I hope the 3 sleeps go by really quickly for you all :0)

  4. Ahhhh whipcracking!!! We just did the Queensland titles yesterday!
    What are the criteria for the comp?
    Are they allowed to use 2 whips or only one? Is it just as many cracks as they can get in a certain time? If so get them to try having a whip in each hand and doing 2 straight cracks at once or stagger them like a beat, or an overhead, go one each way around the head. figure 8s and volleys would get heaps of cracks. Great to see them practising! They must be keen! YouTube has plenty of demos to watch.
    Wow good luck kids!

  5. what makes me laugh is that sarah is now officially a teenager (being one in years or not) with the phone attached to her hand! :-) I'd say mum, that she is settling in just fine if she can't manage to spend the weekend without texting the new friends! (love it!)

  6. Counting down the days? I'm familiar with that concept. Lovely pics; you're building a wonderful memory bank for them to look back over in years to come. Are you still getting the blog2print books done? I just received another one and we just love them. I've had to order two copies of each!

  7. Great to see you guys are getting some good rain. Have to definately credit you with my header this month. Have used Picasa to do one up untill I can shoot some new panoramics for it.

  8. I love seeing your kids interact in almost the same way as mine. I also empathise with the hair thing. Never heard so much carry-on as my daughter v hairbrush in mornings.



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