Monday, 5 March 2012

2012: Year of the Pot Plant

I've been so focused on 2012 being Year of the Farmer, that it took a friend's recent blog post to realign my focus to what this year is really all about.

I guess it slipped under my radar, with my pot plant collection currently not looking its best.

I like to call it "Death by Terracotta".

(Sharon, do you really still want a garden tour?)


  1. Shame! What would the UN say?

    Are you getting any of this rain? I hope so because I can always send you some cuttings ...xo

    PS I'd love to see those terracottas rejuvenated with plantings!

  2. OMG they look like mine! I have decided that I hate strawberry pots, everything dies in them, and they are going to the next school spring fair.

  3. yep, I do still want the garden tour :-) don't fret, there are a few skeletons in my gardening closet too, the last two being two rather dreadfully neglected roses, that just couldn't handle the pressure...

    that big terracotta pot (which btw, I think are good for killing any plant unless watered every bloody day) would make an excellent guppie pond. Guppies are my new thing. They are, so far, surviving better than the plants that I put in the water to filter said water.

  4. It helps a bit to paint the insides of the pots- before adding soil and plants - to stop the soil drying so quickly.

  5. Hmmm!! They look a bit like that in certain gardens in Scotland too :0)
    I just told myself I should get out and sort the pots as I've completely missed a whole pot of daffodils due to the dead stuff!!

  6. A common problem, we have the same cause of death here!

  7. Terracotta pots spell death to most plants unless you are totally devoted to watering them. I do what Seagreen has suggested, paint the insides!

  8. Ha, they look like mine! Oh joy, I'm not the only one (too busy to be bothered).



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