Monday, 19 March 2012

The Blog Post you do When it's Raining and you're trying to get out of Feeding Up

It's been another glorious drizzly day here.  We've now gone beyond four inches of rain and I'm prepared to call this the wet season, better late than never.  Sarah's prayers may have had something to do with it, but unfortunately for her, not enough to cut the highway as was her plan.

Of course the handful of weaners in the yards aren't as overjoyed as the rest of us.  Cold and wet, they've experienced some intensive dog-training sessions and been re-located out of the yard a little earlier than expected.  So far, so good.

Fred the Wonderdog is currently beside himself, with Sarah's Ruby who occupies a neighbouring cage, currently on heat.

Have another cold shower Fred.

She's your daughter for pity's sake!

Jess was doing some reflecting just the other day, she's into low-stress stock handling.

These girls were in the yard recently for preg-testing.  They'll have their first babies come Spring.

They were also used as donors in an Embryo Transfer program earlier in the year, so will actually have multiple babies, but without the need for double prams.  The recips will do the hard work for them, raising them as their own.

I caught Jess capturing a self-portrait,

and with her sister's camera.  Uh-oh.

We're all counting sleeps to school holidays.

It'll be nice to set six places at the table every night.

And the phone can go on top of the fridge for a fortnight.
Even though it's only used as a music machine.

I can't sit here pretending to do figures for the bank much longer.
I'm going to have to go help feed up.


  1. So happy that the rain is falling.

  2. started drizzling on and off this morning and set in when the kids got home from school. I'd forgotten the worst thing about wet season (when it gets cold) is housebound kids. too cold for mud play even though one of them thinks Its Not Cold (with chattering teeth).

    I've not even entertained doing figures of any sort, when really it is perfect weather for doing my very late tax return. Tomorrow! :-)

  3. Your world is such a treat for this city girl, Fiona. I love blogging!! x

  4. hahaha I did that with someone at work's camera last year, he forgot to take it with him when he left. He found my assistant's and my photo on his camera when he was in some far away place on holiday, made him laugh hysterically!!!
    Ah yes, school holidays!

  5. The delight that rain brings - it is contagious!

  6. love that last picture! happy girls!!!!

  7. I miss when my kidlets were all little. My youngest will be 20 in the fall! Now when all the kids are home there is 14 plates around the table!!

  8. You have a beautiful family! Thank you for sharing!
    P.S. You are welcome to our rain ANYTIME!! Living near the rain forest has its drawback!

  9. Oh Fi, yet another evocative and fascinating post for this city-slicker! Bravo. I just love the sisterly delight you've captured in the last photo. Clever mama! J x

  10. Love seeing your girls the human ones and the others too

  11. Fred is making me feel queazy. His daughter? Yick!



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