Tuesday, 6 March 2012

Book 'em

From an early age, reading has been one of my great loves, a passion I'm pleased to share with all four of my children.  It's because of them, and only them, I'm about to embark on the second of the Harry Potter series, not my usual focus.  It's been several months since I breezed through the first, may even need a refresher or possibly have Wallace bring me up to speed, he seems to have them all memorised, as do many other nine year old boys I'm sure.  I've recently enjoyed To Kill a Mockingbird again, having read it now three times, first in Year 11 English, at the time a refreshing change from the heavy-going Macbeth.

Most nights I steal a few pages before the battle to keep my eyes open is lost. This bundle is currently sitting at my bedside, some of them just finished, others a work in progress, some needing to be re-started.
If anybody out there has conquered War & Peace, be sure to let me know.  I've read the first nineteen pages approximately seven times.  I will prevail.
The e-book reader atop the pile will eventually replace the pile I guess. I've read three books on it so far, including Pride & Prejudice which came already loaded and was much enjoyed.  The reader itself is somewhat of an acquired taste, it taking some time to replace the feel of the page with a screen.  Though with bookshelves already overflowing, I can see it becoming a wonderful tool.
I'm not quite sure where Dear Dumb Diary came from, though the 'just like you, only better' quip makes me think immediately of Jessie.
As Matthew likes to bawl at the kids almost daily (tongue firmly in cheek ... I think):  "Reading books will get you nowhere ... get outside and do some work".  I hope they know he's joking.


  1. I can see 'you' in that pile of books. The pile together is really a reflection of your life and likes. There's a bit of farming, food, health and exercise, children, literature and photography.

    Though you haven't done it intentionally, I think that would be an interesting meme to get bloggers to choose a pile of books which they thought represented them and why.

  2. "War and Peace" !!!! 19 pages eh? Well, I got to about page 10! The names of the characters were just TOO much! Far easier to get the DVD! Audrey, Henry and Mel are easier to understand! I suppose that is cheating???
    PS: Hope you are not copping any flooding?

  3. Quite a wide array of books to read!

  4. yes, quite a variety there, am pleased you haven't gone all highbrow on my and completed war and peace...I am at peace with the fact that I haven't even started it, nor have even contemplated. These days, with budgets and lack thereof, I find reading must be light and easy without too much complexity to require a knotted brow in order to follow the story line.

    My husband thinks that if he sees me reading that I really should be occupied elsewhere, like folding socks or fetching his newspaper, he was telling me lots of (useless) things last night whilst I was TRYING to read, I looked up and said Are you only talking because I am reading?! Wretched man, I might get War and Peace just so I can dong him over the head with it! (Reading to him, is The Country Life, The NQ Reigster and any publication containing Plant/Machinery/Trucks in the title).

    I believe there is a whole blog post contained there within my comment! ;-)

  5. I've recently read Bryan Peterson's Exposure book, it was very useful. I have not conquered War and Peace, but I did read Anna Karenina which was equally as challenging ... stick with it, they are worth it in the end!

  6. Those running books are making me feel SO guilty. I like my's light and I can fit in in my purse.....AND I can get library books on it free so I don't feel bad if I start something and don't like it....I just return it and get something I do like.

  7. I think I'll tidy up my reading pile - or hide it somewhere in case it reveals a bit too much about me! I think a parent who reads is a wonderful example to their children.

  8. I have no reading pile! The last books I read were the twilight ones (4 in 3 days, checking them out before putting in the library) I have plenty at my disposal though. This Librarian prefers reading downloaded magazines like Icreate and digital photographer or wired. They tell me I am a good Librarian as I don't just buy for my taste plus I listen to the kids and get in what they want to read in novels, there is no way I could keep up with reading it all! I pick all the non fiction though, boys only tell me they want gun and motorbike books- which doesn't really help in resourcing research tasks! Though I do get in heaps of good stuff for their reading for pleasure.
    Books are so expensive these days! Our budgets just don't seem to stretch as far as they once did. The digital formats seem to be so much more affordable and cut down on the clutter issues at home!

  9. I think you should relegate War & Peace to the position of doorstop, and instead read what you want to read, rather than what you think you should. It'll be far more enjoyable. My copy of War & Peace haunted my bedside table for years before I finally tossed it. Very liberating. No book, I don't care how good, is worth that much of my time!

  10. Never read War and Peace but anything as thick as that would seem like hard going, I feel. Bedside tables will be tidier when we all have e-readers.

  11. Sharon, I think that you have a very natural seat on a horse, you could possibly use some advice on horse riding dress though.
    P.S. The real reason for this frivolous message though is that I mucked up big on my laptop and I have had to try to restore my everything. This is the test to see if I have been successful. Fingers crossed.

  12. P.S. Looks like the old dog still has it.

  13. I need a visit to the library I think. I know what you mean about battling to keep your eyes open, a couple of pages and I'm struggling. x

  14. Are you getting lots of rain there now?

  15. old nev, I think I will have to click FOLLOW on each and every one of Fiona's post comments so that I can keep up with your gems of wisdom :-)



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