Monday, 5 March 2012

But it's My Turn

With Matthew's paid employment taking him away from home most days of the week, our weekends are usually fairly full of the jobs that require more than one set of hands.  This past weekend, amongst other things, saw our old truck readied for a roadworthy inspection under the watchful eye of a full crew.

As well as a fair amount

of cleaning, scrubbing and hosing,

there seemed to be quite a deal of discussion

over whose turn it was to use the power-washer.  Dad, apparently nominated to ambush Sally and shoulder her out of the way.

Fortunately for Sal,

slow and steady doesn't always win the race,

sometimes youthful speed and a drop-shouldered side-step helps.


  1. You are living the life, girl.
    I absolutely love your photos.
    Your kids are so beautiful, but you already know that. Gorgeous.

  2. How fun! Allan and I love to use the power washer and we always fight over it at my parent's house.

  3. love the shots of dad and the kids....and around here its dad that hogs the pressure cleaner.

    the latest thing to fight over whose turn it is around here, is those annoying noisy wretched motorbikes. I have wiped my hands of them and declared it a father only activity. Boy reckons he is going mustering on his, but given that he pushes it home more often than ride, I don't think he will get far (although we did think the prescence of mini bikes would get the cows down the laneway far quicker! ;-)

    now, more importantly, please please please may we have a photographic tour of the grounds/gardens? Am seeing some lovely garden beds in the background, would love you to meet us at the front gate and take us around!

  4. I sympathise with the kids - I always lose the fight to man the pressure cleaner, too. I agree with Sharon. We are teased by some lovely garden glimpes in this post!

  5. My husband has an unnatural fondness for his pressure hose and spends most Saturday mornings reacquainting himself with it. Your kids have the life of Reilly!

  6. Your little cowgirls/boy are just gorgeous! It's always so much easier when you turn work into play! :)

  7. Like others, my attention was caught by the garden bed in background! I also love how you've captured the grass and of course those delightful, smiling faces. Fun in the simple things......



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