Thursday, 29 March 2012

For Annie

The super talented, witty, creative and upbeat Annie, mother of five and friend to many more is having a breast removed today.  Call by and let her know she's in your thoughts.


  1. So funny. So thoughtful. Which are Wallace's toes?

    I love this idea! I've been looking at my toenails all afternoon.

  2. I've been reading annie's blog - on your recommendation - and have been reading with bated breath her recent news, but didn't feel that I should comment as I haven't before, but certainly have been thinking of her.

    I reckon Wallace's toes are on the right. (does he get wal or wally? or just Wallace?)

    I am dragging myself off to brand the angus calves on saturday morning, with the express purpose of photographing them just for you. :-)

  3. Great sign of support Fiona!! God I hate cancer!!

  4. Toes are mine, Sally's, Jessie's and Sarah's ... Wallace could not be convinced to join in ... as his father will be greatly relieved to note.
    Please disregard the meat ant on Sally's foot to the left.
    Sharon, I mainly call him Wal, though he's definitely a Wallace, not a Wally.

  5. Fabulous idea, looove the support. I also didn't want to comment as I only had the referral from here. It's pretty shitty.

  6. We did our nails today too Fiona. Lucky you with a disproportionate number of girls among your brood. I only had 1 other willing supporter :-D



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