Wednesday, 21 March 2012

I Love a Rainy Day

I woke up disappointed this morning to the fact that it wasn't raining.  The system that had deluged the north of our state was heading our way, and had been expected to be in our area overnight.  The radar revealed it wasn't far off and by 7:30 this morning, the first rain was falling on our roof.

Our kids curse the fact that no creeks separates us from school, at least none that pose a flooding risk.  By the time I took them in to meet their classmates, raising today's student population to ten, we'd had close to two inches.

As I redirected downpipes away from the overflowing rainwater tank that was flooding my laundry, these little fellas rejoiced.

By midday, when the system had moved through, we'd reached nearly four inches.  Coupled with the four we received over the weekend, we're now set to cruise into Winter. 

So what to do on a rainy day when outside work is limited?

Baking of course.

Firstly Marble Cake,

followed by the kids' favourites

Jam Drops.

And for lunch on a cooler than usual day?

Vegetable Soup.

Which surely entitles me to a slice of Marble Cake for supper.


  1. I love that you just whip up a marble cake like that! Marble cake is in the 'fiddly' category for me and therefore saved for special occasions. I hope you enjoyed it! x

  2. I love the rain! The green frogs. Not to mention that you can bake at the drop of a hat!

    What's your vege soup recipe? It looks scrumptious and I'm hankering for something soothing to eat for lunch.

    1. MMMC, there really was no recipe, I just threw whatever veges I had in the fridge (carrot, broccoli, zucchini, onion, celery, tomato) into a saucepan, small amount of water and some chicken stock. Then for good measure added a rasher of bacon. Bit of coriander never goes a stray.

  3. What a beautiful capture of a rainy day! That weather influence was amazing..

  4. you're a bloomin' marvel :-) not just baking one thing but multiple items! :-) and indeed what lovely lovely weather. 8" for the week is pretty darned good, and dare I say it...the washing may not dry for a few more days yet!

  5. I love the marble cake! For me, marble cake is chocolate and white. But I like yours way better!!! I am looking forward to some spring rain here. I still have snow. 6 inches got dumped on us on Sunday.

  6. I second that, rainy days are marvelous! And, I love the pictures of your marble cake...I might have to borrow your idea! Yummy, maybe I'm hungry this morning...Everything looks good!

    Greetings from southern Utah! I love checking out your blog and seeing how different and similar our lives are at ranches on different sides of the world!

  7. I'm thinking a day of baking and soup making might be quite restorative. Marble cake coming up tomorrow!

  8. Yummy, maybe I should start cooking on rainy days!

  9. Perfect weather for baking. I haven't made marble cake in so long. Must add it to the list.
    Oh those cute frogs, I bet their family will expand in the coming days. x

  10. What a great rainy day pic. Hope you've got enough but not too much.
    That food is so inspirational! I may well action a vegetable soup here today..It is quite murky!!!

  11. You've had a very productive rainy day Fiona! My marble cakes always end up looking like a mud pile, but, vegetable soup I can do! Enjoy your rain :-)

  12. Love the soup idea; will def try it this weekend to use up all those sad looking leftovers in the crisper. I love rainy days too but they don't make me want to cook - they make me want to lie on the couch, reading.

  13. Glad to hear the rainfall was shared around the country!

  14. Hey send some of that rain over to us in the UK. I love your photos.

  15. I love how you glory in the rain. I think we will soon be doing the same. I've already had to start watering my little garden (watering can, not hosepipe).



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