Saturday, 10 March 2012

Of Balls and Baking

Our local show ball is this weekend.  Not so much a ball, as a gathering of the community for laughs, drinks and conversation, while a band plays in the background and skylarking children slide up and down the length of the hall, much to the consternation of those trying to dance. 

The kids are super-excited, me not quite so much.  A new dress arrived in the mail this week.  The girls thought it looked very green, Wallace thought it looked tight.  Tight green dresses might work on Jennifer Lopez.

But me?  Not so much.
It may or may not make it to the ball.

We've been busy with hall decorating and of course a little supper baking.

Layered sandwiches,

mini bacon and egg pies,

and for dessert,

some old fashioned cheesecake slice.  (Ainsley, I've made four times my usual mix, so some of these will be headed your way ... hope that's okay).

And so by the end of the night, the tight green dress could well be a whole lot tighter.


  1. OMG those cheesecakes are yummo looking. I make a custard slice using Lattice biscuits too. Am drooling right now, having not had a real dessert for over 2 months- but in return I have lost 8-9Kgs yay!

  2. Show ball time again? It comes around quick-was it last year's that was black and white, or the year before? My God Woman, if you turn up at the hall looking like Jennifer L you'll cause a riot! Green and tight is fine but open to the nether regions might be a little too extreme! The food looks fantastic as always.

    On another note: recently whilst discussing "the future" I brought up the business name suggestion of "sliprail organics" (i.e. organic beef) but no-one here got very excited about that when ideas for a farm name were being canvassed, I didn't suggest "sliprail", thinking I"d get knocked back. However, when I said one of my blog friends suggested "sliprail" G said he could live with never can tell can you?


  3. Hope you had fun at the ball! Can you share your lattice cheesecake recipe with us all? Looks delicious! Cheers Kelly PS I love reading your blog..... its such an inspiration! Cant wait to live in the country!

  4. I'm liking the 'mini bacon and egg pies' :) Keen if you have a recipe to share please.

    Let us know how you go with that dress ;)

  5. Ditto Kristy on the b & e pies! I have lots of eggs to use up on those!

  6. I was tempted to say forget the dress, the food looks great. But, of course, it's important to look as yummy as your food. As I'm sure you will. Hope you had a great time.

  7. well we had our annual ball last night too, but I have to say my heart wasn't in it...I made my appple/sour cream slice for dessert/supper, but was half way to town when I realised that I had left the whole large tray of it in the fridge at home.

    I am in agreeance with Mare about a dress needing to cover more than Jennifers (now a little cleavage is a good thing, but there is such a think as too much!) I am sure you green dress is stunning and what do kids know about style and fitting? that is what spanx is made for! I hope that you wore it, or something equally as stunning....

    I make a lattice slice that looks similar to that, although mine is made with instant pudding mix and cream, and a very fast hand. I find its a devil of a job to slice it cleanly though, I'd love to hear your hints on cutting that tough lattice biscuit so neatly!

  8. That darn dress of Jennifer's; One just can't forget it!

    Hope you guys had a great time!

    The food looks delicious!

  9. Hey gorgeous girl, I am sure you will look beautiful in the dress. As for that slice-wish I was coming to the Ball. Have fun, Niki

  10. Wow, that food looks really impressive, any chance of some recipe shares? Looks like stuff that would be gobbled up after a few drinks and some dancing!!

  11. Trying to find your post with the pillowcase dress.....where o where is it?



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