Friday, 23 March 2012

Of Mushrooms and Milkers

I had no shortage of helpers when AI'ing two of my much loved milkers this afternoon.  Though they were soon distracted with the discovery of mushrooms near the molasses tank.

Before I could suggest that some come home for my breakfast tomorrow morning, they'd gleefully jumped all over them, smashing them into the grass.

Thankfully Olivia and Priscilla were far better behaved.

I had managed to source some 'sexed' semen from a Jersey bull named Spiritual, lauded as one of the best Jersey sires in the country, meaning my beloved milkers will have baby Jersey girls in nine months time.
Spiritual's advertising blurb includes the following: 

"Daughters are Silky, Stylish and Open Ribbed with Wide Rumps and Great Udders".

Can't argue with that.


  1. Open ribbed, you say? What a sire! x

  2. kids around the north during wet season are all infected with the same mushroom/toadstool stomping enthusiasm. Would not be able to tell the difference between the good ones and the bad ones, and have heard many a tale of someone getting ill from cooking themselves the bad sort!

    Nice to have some future milkers perculating! won't they be the cutest little pixie eared calves!

  3. i love that! It's like a cow on-line dating agency.
    At one of my sisters' weddings an old family friend who bred horses looked at us five daughters and proclaimed to my Dad,"That's a fine stable of fillies you have there, Bill".
    He had an eye for a wide rump and a great udder, did Ginge!

  4. We used to do the same thing whenever we found any mushies - it was great fun!
    It's nice to hear that a 'wide rump' is appealing to some!

  5. Oooh so jealous! I have always wanted milking cows and begged my stock agent husband to source me one. I'm still waiting! He keeps saying that milk is cheap, however he wasn't the one actually at the stupidmarket forking out the 40 odd dollars each week for the A2 milk we buy. Plus I think he knows me too well(not a morning person) and that he would be the early riser trying to milk the cow before getting off to work by 5am. ah ha I don't think the calf would be locked away from the mother much!

  6. So... is there an advantage to having a wide rump? We should know!



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