Monday, 30 April 2012

The Body

This Jessie of ours is quite the character.

Never one to shy away from a little attention, she's never happier than when the centre of a crowd (where, oh where does she get this from)?

It seems Persuasive Texts are all the rage at the moment.  I do wish Naplan could find another form of writing for our students to study so comprehensively.  Every year it seems to be the same old thing.
Tomorrow, members of Jessie's class will be presenting a dialogue on different aspects of a persuasive text, in an interesting format.
Jess will be discussing the 'body' of the text.

And so decided to fully emulate 'the body'.

Unfortunately Elle McPherson wasn't available.


  1. well at least its good to know that state wide they are all on the same thing, persuasive writing going on here too. Like they need any other excuses to argue amongst each other, now they can also do it in writing. Much quieter though I guess, and far more civilised. I will suggest that the next blue they bring to me for refereeing be brought in dot point form.

    now of course we haven't met face to face, but I dare to suggest that your girl might have a fair bit of mum in her ;-) although I swear with one of mine the genes skipped a generation, so perhaps it could be the same in your case. Old Nev perhaps might be able to shed more light on the matter?!!

  2. My kids use to put on plays for us when they were growing up. Some were musicals! Some comedies. I miss those days! And Jess must get her hee-haw from one if not both parents! :D

  3. The girl has style!
    Lovely bunk beds too. Nice to see somebody else who still embraces the ol' bunk ethos.

  4. We are NAPLAN-ing down here too at the moment. As a break from all of the persuasive text writing the eldest came home giggling over a little activity they did about reading instructions ... he got me to do it, he thought he was so funny because he blocked out half of the instructions - I never had a chance. The humour of 8 year olds is something else, it did make a change from toilet humour - which was appreciated!

  5. Not my side of the family Sharon. Me and Big Matt are the shy retiring types.



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