Tuesday, 24 April 2012

It's Showtime

You know it's been a busy few days when you send your husband off to work for the week with a bag full of dirty jeans and instructions on washing them when he reaches his destination.

Our local show was this Saturday just gone,

involving many days of preparation, a full and busy show day, followed by the clean-up, de-briefing and tallying of figures.

This year we hosted a Brahman Feature Show, with an excellent line-up of Brahman cattle vying for top spot, somewhat of a practice run before heading into town for the Beef Week celebrations only a couple of short weeks away.

Jess enjoyed her fifteen minutes of fame as a catwalk model,

though the moves she'd been dazzling us with in the lounge-room at home were nowhere to be seen on show-day.

There was little time for rock-climbing with junior parading commitments also beckoning.

These girls, the Crackup Sisters, flew in from Brisbane and stole the show.  Providing some slapstick entertainment as well as guiding a great number of kids through some whip-cracking manoeuvres, they were wonderful crowd pleasers.

(Thankyou Pam for the photos ... by this stage of the day I didn't have another trip to the car for the camera left in me).

Another year, another show.
A phone call from a neighbour has meant a trip to Bottle Tree yesterday, back again today.
Looks like we'll be wearing our cleanest dirty uniforms again today.


  1. Funny how they keep those special moves for home Possibly for the best! She looks very confident and sweet. Local shows are always the best ones as I remember because you get to do more and you know everybody!

  2. well I can imagine that bottletree was the last place you wanted to go, where is that laundry fairy when you need her?! I know how it feels but seeing as I have hung up my reins as campdraft secretary I can sit back with my feet up (snort)

    seriously interested in the who/where etc of those clock trophies. Details please, when you are able to draw breath! (

    have heard about the crack up sisters somewhere before, sounds like you were able to find suitable entertainment quickly. The clown in these parts is mighty relieved, although just yesterday he was practising his stunt/trick riding on a much bigger bike (chasing cheeky cows), with hilarious results. Finally his beer belly has paid off, gave some padding for the fall. I only wish I had been there to see it)

  3. I love those clock trophies, fantastic! We had he crack up sisters here last year. This year it was my kids doing the half time rodeo entertainment. Our show was this last weekend and I too an exhausted. Those girls put on a fabulous show, my kiddos have to perfect the art of comedy, the little bloke has it just by speaking and being serious , happy cracking!

  4. Imagining your show I can hear the tinny microphone/loud speaker sound in my head which one always hears at shows.

    I can also imagine the cat walk performance at home! Stage fright does it every time.

    And the bronze bull reminds me of the episodes of 'Bargain Hunt' which are held in English rural communities ... they love their bronze French Animalier figures up there. They often get a lot of money for the originals. Just thought I'd throw that in.

  5. Looks like a wonderful day. How have you been gorgeous lady?, missed you, Niki

  6. Congratultions on that haul! Very impressive but not surprising. Just look at that lovely girl on the catwalk, she doesn't need any fancy moves!

  7. You cannot beat a local show for a big day out. Even better than the Sydney version, if you ask me. The show coming each year was the highlight of my life for many years!

    Glad you all did so well. x



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