Friday, 27 April 2012

Just a Quick Trip

This is the part of a weekend away to Bottle Tree that my crew doesn't really appreciate.

Don't get me started on the food.


  1. I really feel our pain. Well, some of your pain. Your truck experience would have sent me over the cliff.

  2. Gosh, that makes me feel weak for dreading my tiny one-person ironing pile. I do iron my denims - I hope you don't!!

  3. Oh food. I can only imagine. No-one else in my family seems to understand that I can't just throw some stuff in a bag and head off for the weekend with ten minutes warning.... (or I could but then we would a. freeze and b. starve!)

  4. oh yes, I hear you on the food front as well, a weekend at Lyons Creek - nay even a DAY requires some planning and forethought. Do you have power/fridge down there? We dont, the Engel has to be hooked up for overnight stays, and lingering visits with the door open are discouraged.

    me thinks the kids are old enough to start packing their own bags. Says she whose kids do not or if they do, pack no socks, 1 tshirt and shorts, no workclothes and skimpy summer nighties for artic conditions.

    its easier to drive home.

  5. ps I have a doona cover the same as yours, which used to be on the spare bed. have since relegated it to the linen cupboard as "spare", after the cat (who loves the spare room, why do all cats do that?) left a few stubborn mud/dirt/grime (and even blood from the odd war wound)marks that wouldn't wash out. Not an overly attractive look for any guests to sleep under!

  6. yep, i know that pile! Doesn't it just make it so much fun afterwards!

  7. made me chuckle! what a stack!




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