Monday, 9 April 2012

Our Easter

though far from restful, peaceful and tranquil, was spent doing what we enjoy.  Heading for Bottle Tree late Friday afternoon, first job Saturday morning was to run the horses.

All feeling full and fresh, their skylarking into the yards left Sarah a little dubious after a buster last ride.  With Dad teed up to provide a warm-up session for Warrior, the rest of us set about saddling our mounts.  A rather large cloud of dust and a cooee from Sarah told the tale of a tumbling horse and a dusted Dad. 

With bulls to come out,

a last lap of branding to complete,

and fat cattle to be sent to the meatworks,

as well as some preg-testing, and the first cut of weaner steers to come off their mamas, it was a case of many hands make light work.

The kids really worked incredibly hard, and by mid-afternoon today were starting to show the strain, more than one dirty face streaked clean by the salty tears of desperate tiredness.
Not easily impressed, Dad gathered them in the kitchen at home this evening to tell them how proud he was of their efforts and that they would be paid for their weekend's toil, timely with our local show fast approaching.
For what better reward for hard work is a belly-full of fairy floss, a cap gun and a collection of show-bags to boot.


  1. Your kids really earned their chocolate. What a wonderful work ethic you are instilling in them! That is a memorable Easter!

  2. Great work kids!! Can't leave out the dagwood dogs Fiona!

  3. When my kids were younger, after helping all summer and feeding replacement heifers through the winter, we always paid them with a heifer of their own. I think the kids had about 10 cows in their own herd. Then animals got sold -one wanted his own truck and the daughter wanted horses. Even in their early 20s they still pitch in around the farm-without hesitation!

  4. I thought the photos of the horses were beautiful...until I saw and read the rest of the post. I love how you capture the spirit of your children. I agree with Annie about the great work ethic you are bequething your children - and the wonderful memories! I hope they enjoy their well deserved fun at the local show.

  5. we spent many of our holidays doing the same as kids, as there wasn't really any question of doing anything else! I remember when I was about 17 and we helped an elderly neighbour muster, draft and truck their sale bullocks, and the neighbour actually PAID me! Its nice to be rewarded for hard work, but I think its great if the kids just do it because that is just the way it is.

    and the horses? just yesterday we walked down and caught the horses straight out of the paddock, there was great misbehaving, naughtiness and general busting out of skin with green grass sort of behaviour. I remarked to husband when we walked back that when one normally would run the horses in on the motorbike with a brisk gallop, all that sort of nonsense is run out of the old kids ponies by the time we saddle up. i looked at my own steed and decided I was feeling too old to buck him out as he had that sparkle in his eye, bad enough that the kids ponies were bucking and skipping all over the place (one kid laughing its head off, the other bawling its eyes out!)

    ah, wet season goodness. Fun times, that is if you aren't getting dumped. Hope dad has recovered, I would reckon he isn't as bouncy as he used to be either!

  6. You got it Sharon, he sounded a bit forty plus when I spoke to him on the 'phone last night.

  7. Those children are worth every penny. You're instilling in them a wonderful work ethic that just doesn't seem to exist any more.

    I'd love to send my children out for a week with you just to see what 'work' is ... I'm hard-pressed getting mine to empty the dishwasher.

    It's almost show time again?!

  8. Makes the fun times so much more fun and enjoyable after all the hard work. Those who work hard usually know how to party hard too!!

  9. These shots remind me of my childhood, although yours looks a lot more beautiful with such gorgeous photos. I'm with MMMC - I'd be hard pressed to get mine to unstick the dishwasher!

  10. That's a hard day of work for the kids. I know you all must have been proud of them!



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