Wednesday, 25 April 2012

Rollin' down the Road

With Matthew away, and the Bottle Tree neighbour informing us of 20 head of our cattle in his yards, the past two days have been spent up there.

These fat babies are everywhere.

We weren't intending to wean until early July, but I'm thinking they may have to come home sooner.

They could be as big as their mamas by then.

Yesterday's trip involved our old Acco truck, a beast with which I share a love-hate relationship, emphasis on the hate.  Her gearbox is a treasure trove of mysteries I'm yet to fathom.

My whole trip to town was spent pondering how I would cope if the traffic lights perched on the first hill into town were red.  Of course it was red, and I performed a particularly nasty version of a handbrake hill-start.  I'm hopeful the driver of the small Festiva behind me has since recovered.

I managed to score nearly every red light from the northern reaches of town right through the other side.  And the old Acco can chug from first to fourth, given enough time and some cussing.

With a few small hills, something akin to the Great Dividing Range, separating the neighbour's yards from ours, the drive through town was a Sunday drive through a secluded country lane by comparison.  Through a combination of double-clutching, triple-cursing and single-minded teeth-grinding we made it.  Twice.  Two loads of cattle never looked happier coming off a truck and down a ramp.

And by the time I made it home nearing dark, collecting children from neighbours and trying to ease the tension in between my shoulder-blades, I believe the old Acco and I just may have kick-started a beautiful relationship.


  1. The pictures of the cows and calves are beautiful Fiona. Glad you and the Acco had a pretty good day!

  2. Haven't read blogs for a few weeks since starting work, but catching up now. It's like reading a packet of letters from friends. Delicious. Missed you Fiona xxx

  3. OMG I feel your pain as I roll around laughing...I have the same relationship with our Louisville, in which I recently did a driving test to become a Legal Driver of it (MR to HR upgrade) Lets just say its a good thing the police officer was 1. a mate and 2. possessing of a good sense of humour. Its not the starting that is the problem, its the stopping or slowing that requires down gear changing. We coasted around one corner with gears clashing and furious triple quadruple clutching before I finally slammed the rotten thing into gear. Policeman said, "well old girl, its not ideal but it will do, you didn't run anyone over and you can get from a to b, lets pick the gear box up on the way back shall we?"

    License in hand, I don't think I've driven the rotten thing again yet. I think I prefer the old brakless, free swinging doored, seat sucking Dodge :-)

    PS what happened to the Hino?

    1. Pleased I'm not the only one Sharon, and yes you have to laugh! On one particularly nasty uphill, this time loaded, I missed third, coming back from fourth, ended up in fifth, then tried for second, ending with no other option than a complete stop. Full load of cattle hugging the back end of the truck, gravelly hill, handbrake start. All I can say is thank God Matthew wasn't with me! But where there's a will, there's a way. My beautiful smooth gear-changing Hino is now somewhere up in the peninsula.

    2. still laughing, but with you, not at you of course.

      I can only imagine the comments and retelling of the adventure had the kids been with you.

  4. pps. still smiling. You know now that you have managed to do it once, of course he will think that it was a peice of cake, and will therefore hand over all Acco driving cattle fetching duties to you again. A bit like me putting together a steel cupboard the other day. Husband came home and enquired who put it together (I'll refrain from comment as to what I said in reply) kids said, mum did, but she got a bit cross!

  5. On the other hand, it was really nice to have Big Matt at Dawn Service this morning. Lest we forget.

  6. Great post! Had me chuckling with your retelling. I agree with Sharon, now that you've done it once you'll be doing it forever-more! Beautiful piccies too (as always) - your fat babies are gorgeous :)

  7. Beautiful fat babies. Still smiling at your truck driving. Sounds a bit like when I used to cart corn along the roads - the tractor gears were unfathomable and cars would cut in front of me at traffic lights oblivious to the fact that I wasn't very good at braking. But Sharon is probably right - it'll always be your job now.

  8. Oh Fiona, what a classic tale! And you tell it so beautifully. I am wincing at your gear-changing disasters. You've reminded me of an experience I had with a manual I'd rather forget! J x

  9. Sounds like a few of us could put together a "truckie" tale or two..I would prefer it over coffee than beer though!?!



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