Sunday, 29 April 2012

Showing Off

Our weekend plans went slightly awry with inclement weather yesterday preventing us heading to Bottle Tree.  And just quietly, there were some amongst us not entirely disappointed.

It did allow us the luxury today of heading down the road to another small country show where a few of our cattle were being shown by Sarah's school.

We are so pleased to be associated with this school, these youngsters handling themselves and the cattle very professionally.

Our Tilly, once a milker's calf,

did us proud, receiving the Junior Champion Heifer ribbon.

Jessie lined up again for another run in the Junior Parader's class,

bringing home a fifth place ribbon.

She and Sarah now excitedly talking about attending the Junior Beef Show conducted in Rockhampton in the June school holidays.

One more week, and we head down to Beef Week, an amazing celebration of all that our industry has to offer.  Thousands of cattle representing every breed and every facet of the beef industry will be on show.  Commercial cattle, carcase cattle and led stud cattle, the best of the best, a magnificent exhibition and representation of what beef producers Australia-wide are producing.  And the bottom line of all of this ... steaks on plates. People feeding people.  We can't wait.


  1. Tilly is just devine! I love her wrinkly neck ... it's a bit like mine!

    Is that you with the stripy shirt and silver necklace? If not, steal both.

  2. Tilly looks great all shampooed and pretty.
    I did a bit of cattle parading at school and loved it.
    Have fun at beef week, can't wait to see all the photos. x

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  4. Ah yes, steaks on plates. That's what we're all about. Chinese visitors during the week were blown away by the size of the steaks on the bbq and all wanted to have a go at turning them. Didn't manage to lose any over the side either. Enjoy BW2012.

  5. Well done Jessie! I must tell your "shadow" about your accomplishment..
    Beef Week is nearly on our doorstep. Certainly a celebration of our industry..

  6. Well I've not seen a brahman milker yet so am guessing Tilly might be the result of an AI/embryo job :-) good work kids!

    and can you hat have puppies please? (I may have asked it details before but am asking again as am badly in need of a new hat) Looking rather fine there Mrs Noakes, as only fitting as the owner of the Junior Champion Heifer. I know nothing about showing cattle what so ever but look forward to seeing some rugged bulls coming from your stable :-) (please investigate this further, you have the contacts to verify this sighting!)

    enjoy beef week, we both sighed and wished we could go, maybe next time. At least you can just pop down for the day, for us it would be a major campaign in organising the looking after of both kids and animals.

  7. You are so blessed Fiona. What a wonderful way to bring up your children. Niki x

  8. Beef Week sounds like an amazing event that you guys will really enjoy!



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