Monday, 2 April 2012

We're experiencing the most beautiful weather at the moment, Easter weather at its best, cooler evenings and most agreeable days.

Sarah started Easter holidays Thursday.  Free to leave school after running her cross country race in the morning, we collected her dog Ruby, who will hopefully present us with some additional team members come late May and headed for home.

With some fencing, dozer driving and preg-testing already under our belt and a beautiful fortieth birthday party for a very lovely friend Saturday night, we headed up to Bottle Tree yesterday for some more preg-testing and for me, first inspection since the recent rain.

Long lush grass, by-washing dams, sappy weaners and fat cows ... a very pleasing outing.

Even a little wildlife on parade.

The three younger children opted for a day of gardening with Nanny, Sarah offsiding at the headbail for the day.

We return to Bottle Tree for Easter.

Some late calves to brand, bulls to come out and meatworks cattle to truck.
And of course to await the arrival of the Easter Bunny.


  1. Our weather has been spectacular too - although we're to get a late warm rush this week with up to 30 degrees! Lovely photos again Fiona!

  2. yes, some cool mornings and evenings up here too, gorgeous days, but I have to say I don't like the shortened days, I love the long summer late afternoons!

    sounds a lovely easter, us we have a wedding on saturday, that is the extent of our "planned" events, with some talk of an overnight camping trip for the kids in amongst much bovine sorting and shifting. I have learnt to be very flexible as plans for dealing with said bovines seems to be made on the spur of the moment but involve much dropping of everything for me! oh well....happy easter!

  3. Roll on Easter - but not until I've finished the eggs, please. Hope you and yours enjoy every minute of it.

  4. Well I'm not whinging. No cattle to play with, no horses to ride, just more flamin' slashing. Bring on the next dry spell I say. Bet the Easter Bunny don't come either. Reckon we need another Ball to kick our heels up girls.

  5. Your pasture looks fantastic. Amazing what good rain does. More grass, more fat cattle, more $$$. We are gearing up for Australian whipcracking titles in Sydney on Friday. Packing, practising, packing practising!

  6. A very healthy landscape......a lovely blog



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