Tuesday, 10 April 2012

Who's a Pretty Girl?

My Ella is often the butt of jokes around these parts.  With a vastly different personality to the tribe of trim, active, working Border Collies with whom she shares a home, an overweight Rottweiler is an easy target.

With Matthew's old workhorse Nissan spending the week off the road, he returned home this afternoon in an electric blue hire car.  Ella, my loyal protector, rushed to investigate.

Instantly mesmerised by her own reflection, all natural instincts to protect her family were overcome by the need to impress this new Rottweiler.

Which fairly quickly became a battle of wits,

Ella growling,

her reflection responding in much the same manner.

The Brynne Edelsten of the Rottweiler world.
I think she's still out there.


  1. OMG that is classic (and great photography as well, the reflection is brilliant!) we too are very entertained by our animals.

    at least Ella is easily entertained. I don't know how anyone could pick on her, just look at her snugly, jowly, loveable face.

  2. oh my goodness...that is so stinkin' cute AND funny!!!!! what a good girl she is :)

  3. Our oldest daughter has two rotties and they are so much fun. She is just beautiful!!!


  4. dogs are so funny!! better than day time drama!

  5. Priceless Fiona! I am still laughing! Thanks for sharing!
    You have an amazing family and I love to check the latest 'down under'!
    Blessings to all,

  6. Don't you love how protective dogs can be? My German shepherds are the same, only being used to white cars.

    Hahahaha is the car electric? or is that just the colour blue? It looks little!! a bit of paddock work to be done in a prius LOL. They did that to my agent hubby once when his reasonably new Pajero needed a new part at 60000km- they said it would take 8 weeks to get the part, and he could drive a Hyundai 4WD and then had the hide to tell him he could only do 100 km a day in it! day 1 he racked up 1500km on a trip to Roma and back! Oh how we laughed! by day 4 he'd had enough of being bounced all over the place and started hollering that his wife could get a load of clothes from overseas faster! It was fixed within 10days but very soon after that the Pajero was gone and a Landcruiser was the chariot. 5 years and 350000km later the Landcruiser is going strong and we are still laughing about the Km limit being placed on an agent. In those 10 days he had heaps of trips to bull sales and the like and racked up 6000km!!

  7. Well captured. I think I would have been too busy laughing to take photos!

  8. See Big Matt, I told you. You're a flamin AGENT, just ask Jodie!
    Hope the bruises have gone.

  9. Well she's certainly having a good look! I think her reflection looks slimmer than the real thing in photos 1 and 2! Mare



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