Thursday, 26 April 2012

Worth a thousand words?

People keep blogs for so many different reasons.  Many are gifted writers, others like to showcase their creative talents, still others like me are possibly trying to freeze time, to capture memories, preserve history, chronicling part of our lives for those that will come after.

For me, one of the great offshoots has been a joyous new hobby in the form of photography.  I generally carry a camera with me all the time, I've read some books, and am now fully immersed in manual mode.  So much more to learn though, but that's what life's all about I guess, the learning never ends.

Several months ago I was contacted by a South African investment company who had found one of my photos via the blog and were hoping I would allow them to use it on their website.  This was the photo,

nothing particularly awe-inspiring, but perhaps they do look a little African, these old rogues from Back Bore Paddock.   You can check out the website here.

Earlier this year I was contacted by a pavilion co-ordinator with the Sydney Royal Easter Show who was organising some banners for one of the agricultural education pavilions.   She asked if she could use this image,

representing youth and agriculture.  Of course Wallace was a little put out.

And now in completely immodest fashion, I present one that did quite well at this past weekend's show,

one which I feel the need to include, as I don't think it has ever been put on the blog before.

It seems necessary to say something about being reflective, but I won't.
Grab your cameras, switch them from auto to manual, and start playing.


  1. Well done! I am half way there, using aperture priority or shutter priority. I prefer everything straight out of the camera SOOTC- I just don't seem to have time to faff around with it all and I have got completely lost in photoshop. Do you use any editing program?

  2. Well done Fiona, that's really good news and the accolades are well-deserved. Of course, you have some great models in your back yard!

  3. Well done Fiona! One of my favorite things about your blog has always been your photos!

  4. :-) well it seems your are far more than just an award winning photographer now! what a thrill it would be to see that photo in its large glory at the syndey show!

    I think its a testement to how well written your blog is and real representation of your everyday life. And of course the great photos. One has to only look at the number of followers you have - not through giveaways or any self promotion, to realise that. Well done! Keep on clicking, I'm sure it may lead on to even bigger and better things!

    I do have to say I am laughing a little at Australian cows representing a South African blog!

  5. That's great Fiona. I always admire the photographs on your blog and now you have the recognition. You'll have to include "award winning photographer" in your profile now!

  6. Congrats!! You do take amazing images!!

  7. You do take gorgeous photos Fiona! I like them because they are real and not 'styled' as such. Congratulations on these awards too. I am completely guilty of having a great digital SLR that has NEVER been taken off the auto setting. Shame on me. It's on my 'to do' list though so the intention is there....Mel x

  8. Your photos epitomize your gorgeous family! Recognition is very well deserved. Congratulations!

  9. Congratulations Fiona! Upon reflection, I would have to agree that blogging has improved my photography as well! Pun intended of course!

  10. That's awesome - congrats. You certainly do take great photos. Mare

  11. Congratulation on the achievements Fiona!
    I was just going through my favourites bar to download my lecture notes for uni and accidentally hit my dashboard link and thought I might have a looksee to see what you guys had been up to.

    Congrats on the photos being selected for exposure to such big audiences. I am still playing with the manual settings on my camera, have been experiementing with fireworks lately at our local shows, off home again this weekend to try and capture some more.

    Keep up the good work, always great to see the images you are taking!



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