Thursday, 17 May 2012

Hangin' Around

I've tended to take fewer group photos of the kids this year,

still feeling the gap left by having Sarah away at school.  Three just doesn't seem quite right.

Our whole world's been turned a little upside down!

Thankfully the weekends come around quick enough and all is well again, if even for a couple of days.

Finding a willing assistant to help with yarding the pesky milker's calf this afternoon proved difficult.

Children proving more evasive than the fatted calf.

They were busily building a new cubby.

Apparently the cubby-mansion provided by Grandad for Christmas some years back not quite fitting the bill.

The burnt-out skeleton of an old caravan much more appealing.

So much more fun than doing afternoon chores.

Or cleaning their blessed bedrooms.


  1. You're making me homesick Fiona but only one more day of city living left...
    The photo opportunities are few and far between on a 670sqm house block!!

  2. sounds about the same as in these parts.

    but in good news, isn't the light at this time of year just gorgeous? goes well with the drying off grass in the background...and whilst on THAT topic, by jingoes its gotten cold up here quickly. Green disappearing very smartly, including on the lawn. Best be rounding up the sprinklers again!

  3. Fiona, I'm in awe of your photography skills. I know you have lovely subjects but you also have a great eye. If ever you had the time or inclination you could easily turn to portraiture. I just love the fourth and fifth shots.

  4. Can't blame them at all really! What a lovely way to spend the afternoon!

  5. Ah yes ! The bedrooms! Mine are horrific at the moment. I think I amy tell them I'm going to blog about them and take photos, do you think it would motivate them to clean them up? the shame!

  6. I don't think I've seen my sons' bedroom for about a week. I dread going down there.

    What beautiful light in those photos ... I'm not sure you'll ever get used to them being away at boarding school. I could imagine that week-long gap.

    I agree with Pauline, your skills at photography are just marvellous! xo

  7. I think I'd rather be outside building than tidying my room too. More fantastic photos. Thanks for sharing them with us. :0)

  8. Love me a good angle photo... heh. Trying not to think about sending kids to boarding school - working out ways to avoid it as we speak. (Don't think I'll manage it completely but a postponement might be nice).



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