Sunday, 6 May 2012

A Mixed Bag

These lip-glosses came in a packet containing a light-activated voice recording spruking "Hey Gorgeous".

Matthew and I were unaware of this.  And rather taken by surprise when unloading preg-testing gear from the back of the wagon this morning to continue to be complimented by a seemingly innocent packet of lip-glosses, a gift to the girls.

These babies came to live here this week.
Fifteen dollars.

For two.  How do they do it?

My husband buys thousands of head of cattle a year.  Some are dearer than others.  It's an averages game, the cheaper cattle averaging up the dearer ones.

The brown shoes averaged up these navy ones.  See Matthew, I'm learning.

Steel, son of Fred the Wonderdog, and nowhere near as wondrous,

removed himself from his cage Friday evening and helped himself to a rather large portion of rat bait, allowing me a trip to town I really could have done without.  With his stomach contents rather forcibly removed and a fortnight's supply of Vitamin K now on hand, Steel will be in town with us this week for Beef Week.  Who's a lucky boy?

We travelled up the coast Friday for our annual inter-school cross country race.

I spent the better part of the trip explaining to my athletically-challenged children that it's not all about winning.

That while some children are blessed with the ability to run long distances faster than others, other children read well and can recite their times tables quicker than others.

We have the same conversation every year.  This year though, these fellows pulled a few tricks out of the bag, bringing home a couple of blues and a red ribbon.  Cause for a celebratory ice-cream indeed.

And now we're off to Beef Week.  The back of my car looking like this.

Steel should be lovely and comfortable under that lot.


  1. We certainly didn't have room for a dog in our car, hardly fitted the kids in......
    See you at Beef!

  2. Oh Fiona, that dog kills me.
    Oh my the shoes, the shoes.
    Now they are some cool shoes.
    Your children are beautiful.
    That is all.
    I keep telling you they should be on an advert for healthy living.

  3. Love the shoes - and that averaging thing always helps if I think I've overspent. I hope Steel recovers fully, poor thing! Hope you have fun at Beef Week and well done to the athletic kids!

  4. Lets hope he doesn't make a bed out of your great ironing!
    My wee boy has missed out on his cross country due to his appendix requiring removal!

  5. Firstly I think I need to know where you shoe shop. And I must mention the averages rule to Husband here as well, I had not thought of that one before. I feel it must also apply to fascinators and dresses. Not that I seem to wear either one often but feel compelled to have "just in case". One needs Options.

    hope Steel the not so wonderdog is worth the dollars spent. unromantic and unsentimental types around here are prone to annouce that bullets are cheap.I am sure that he will will LOVE the week in town getting lots of attention :-) I do fear for the cleanliness and ironedness of your clothes though! (and hope to see some shots of you lot out and about!)

  6. and how did I miss the fancy new banner?!

    re the noisy lip glosses - anyone remember those chipmunk toys that came with happy meals? HELLLOOO GORGEOUS the one that haunted me said. And then there was a different plastic thing that woofed like a dog. It was stuck somewhere beside my clothesline bench and everytime I dumped washing on it, it would woof at me.

    maccas has a lot to answer for.

  7. How could you be surprised by your children winning?? The are SURE winners always..
    Your family would make a delightful reality TV show..We Americans would eat it up....

  8. Singing lipglosses - what will they think of next?!? Poor steel - hope he's ok!!
    We had cross country at our school today too and spent much time saying just the sane things to my daughter as you did to your children. No ribbons, but thankfully this year there were no tears!

  9. So much I could comment on - but talking lip-gloss.... that's a new one for me!



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