Monday, 21 May 2012


An old USB stick uncovered in recent days has revealed some photos long forgotten.

Photos of little kids.

Little kids with cows.

Little kids in uniforms.

Little kids at Beef 2006.  Didn't seem very long ago.  Next Beef Week this three will all be at boarding school.

Sisters.  Look at Wallace chasing Sal down the hill.

He would have been off to Cowboy Camp in this one.  So he always said.

Look at my brown-eyed baby.

And this big boy having a haircut.  And I was blonde.

This heifer's still in the herd, now very much a cow.

The kids and I managed to waste some considerable time with that darn USB stick.


  1. Ohh gosh those cute chubby baby thighs, how adorable.
    How your kids have grown. x

  2. Love these! Super beautiful children as always! Love how they always seem to be adverts for the Sun Smart campaign - good on you!

  3. oh my look at those chubby little babies...nearly makes you want to have some more (and then those same babies a few years older start bickering and leaving their stuff all over the place and that feeling quickly dissapates). Nothing wrong with a walk down memory lane. And "they" are right, time passes so quickly. Plug that usb stick into a digital picture frame and let her rip!

  4. When ever any one queries why I have five I have only to look at old photos like these and wonder why we didn't have more! All those cliches about time flying are too true. Remember when boys would let you cut their hair with home Tiffany shears!? Yours seem very close in age too.

  5. I read something recently that suggested our days sometimes drag but the years fly by. I thought that summed up my life perfectly. My kids are 19 and 24 next month-and I can't believe it! Mare

  6. What a lovely find. Isn't it fun to see how the family likeness is there all the time but subtly changing. My mum just gave me her album of photos of my daughter when she was a baby (I've somehow mislaid mine) - and suddenly I see just how similar to her her own daughter (my grandaughter) is.



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