Monday, 4 June 2012

Apologies for the Vanity

I had the very good fortune to judge at Alpha Show a couple of weeks ago.  A somewhat depleted line of stud cattle, with Beef Week stealing the limelight from those shows that followed closely behind.  A wonderful time had by all though ... the judge at least.

These photos happened to appear in our most noted news source, the 'Queensland Country Life'.

My Dad asked me to put them on the blog.

He obviously doesn't want to spend the $3.60 required to procure his own copy.

Protecting his children's inheritance I guess.


  1. Fiona
    I am sure you were well up to the task.
    Congratulations. You are not intending to move up the ladder and replace your "other half" this 2012 Brisbane Ekka in the judges ring by any chance????
    Thank God sun has reappeared here in Brisbane.
    It almost was blinding this morning!

  2. Ah Fiona, all Dads are proud of their little girls! You look great. Mare.

  3. Now he can print them out at home! Fantastic, well done on the ribbons!

  4. How have I missed this (probably because we haven't picked up our papers for the past two weeks!) your dad did me out of a job scanning the photos in any case, which is a good thing as these are MUCH nicer!

    looking very smart, love the shirt and the necklace hidden by the equally smart jacket. (I think you are winning in the celebrity stakes and being in the paper!)

    our cattle section got cancelled as they would have been swimming about the yards, but our show tends to get a really good roll up of stud and commercial cattle.

    1. I have been looking for a tan corduroy jacket for a long, long time. This little beauty appeared in an Ezibuy catalogue recently. Quite the bargain I thought at $49.95.

  5. It is a pity Beef Week stole the bovine limelight in regards to many local shows. I bet you had a great time judging. I love the fun, friendship and tom foolery that comes along with being a part of the essentials that keep the show going.

  6. You look great, I love the jacket too. Must get back on Ezibuy. It has some great stuff. Love the tourquise necklace too.

  7. You look fab! And the cows/bulls look magnificent.

    I like your modesty vanity.

    And big hugs for Grandad!

  8. No need to apologise. Well done on being asked to judge :0}

  9. They reckon the other judge was a bit of a good looker as well!

  10. Saw this in the QCL and said to Mr I: LOOK - she got the right breed!! (tee hee).
    Love the comment about your Dad - mine would be the same (if he knew how to use the computer to look at my blog!).



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