Thursday, 21 June 2012

Aruba, Jamaica, Ooh I wanna take You

Today we headed into school for a little dancing performance by our children.
As part of this term's curriculum, students had to choose music, choreograph a dance, film the performance, edit the film and present it to their classmates.  Today we were fortunate to see a live performance.

Jess and her two team mates chose Kokomo by The Beach Boys.

What's not to love.

Who isn't instantly transported back to 1988 and Tom Cruise in 'Cocktail'.

Jess had no idea what I was talking about.

Wallace on the other hand,

really stepped out of his comfort zone,

with John Denver's 'Thank God I'm a Country Boy'.

A far easier dress-up.


  1. ahh, yes I remember those days, whenever I hear that song it prepells me straight back to boarding school years. Not necessarily a good thing, remembering ones teenage years, especially as it makes one feel old. I bet even Tom C feels old, he was pretty fresh looking back then! (was it really 1988?!)

    Love how Wallace really thinks big! but thank heavens for easy dress ups!

    But what did Sally choose?!

    1. Preps to 2's didn't participate in the dance activity, so Sal missed out.
      Still at boarding school in 88 ... you young thing!

    2. well this will make you feel very much older again (what's a four or five years between friends!) 88 was my first year! (but if this helps, my husband had finished!)

  2. Yes! I still love that movie :-D Lovely photos of the kids and my goodness Jess has gorgeous hair!

  3. What a great project; it looks like fun for everyone. Mare

  4. Aaah 1988. I was at high school too. Back in the glory days of Tom, before Oprah's couch.

    Your kids are gorgeous. And I am total agreement about Jess having stunning hair.

    I shall go to work today with Kokomo playing in my head. Which is actually a good thing.

  5. Ooh, I loved that film! Yes, in the good TC days ... before Oprah's Couch as the previous commentator said!

  6. Good cowboys polish their buckles.

  7. Laughed OUT LOUD at this one Fiona... so cute. Your girl is gonna cause some boys some serious headaches in the future. (Not the least her Dad I suspect).

  8. Delightful photos, Fiona. And the children look delightful, too. Jess' hair sure is glorious!

  9. Ah Jesse's Hair, never realized it was that long, it's absolutely beautiful

    A good looking Cowboy, your Master Wallace.



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