Saturday, 30 June 2012

Cattle, Kids & Chaotic Climatic Conditions

On what was generally a wet, cold and somewhat miserable start to the school holidays, the older girls and I headed to town to camp at a 'Junior' beef event.

Because camping with kids and cows in less than perfect climatic conditions sounds like great holiday entertainment in anybody's mind.
Fortunately for all involved, the showground facilities allowed most of the activities, as well as the camping to be conducted undercover and a great time was had by all.

Kids of all ages were stepped through many facets of the beef industry, appraising both stud and commercial cattle, as well as leading and showing cattle.

This was our first visit, the event itself having been conducted for over twenty years.

A terrific opportunity for like-minded youngsters to come together for an informative, educational and entertaining three days focused on the industry we love.

The girls came home more excited and inspired than ever, already talking of which cattle would be suitable to take next year.

As well as some serious learning time, there was also some light-hearted entertainment.

One such night-time event a Masterchef barbecue cook-off.

With a visit from a celebrity Masterchef judge!

The week concluded with a Presentation Dinner, where two newbies came home with a little loot.

And thankfully the sun is now shining.

Last job, to remove nose-rings and bush cattle.


  1. 1. what has matthew got around his neck?!
    2. what brand/model of jeans is sarah wearing (first photo)
    3.I don't envy your pile of stinky, damp and looking more than slightly muddy around the edge, jeans.
    4.thank goodness the sun is out!

    1. It was a ridiculously colourful necktie, fashioned to emulate a cravat. He did quite look the part, but didn't particularly enjoy the Fat Matt references! And the jeans are Wrangler Q-Baby's, I'm told they're being discontinued but I did manage to buy another pair this week, as we fast ran out of clean, dry jeans.

  2. Replies
    1. And that's only half of them Suz, the other half already hung on the line!

  3. I definitely don't envy you with all those jeans to try and get dry with this Winter weather! Glad you all had a fun and prosperous week!

  4. Looks a bit more casual than the one we had at Maryborough. The kids spent most of the time running around in Wranglers, tweed jackets and Akubras.
    Well done girls.

  5. Great to see that yellow thing in the sky, but next week looks like a big FREEZE!
    Before I read the comments I thought I recognised that resplendent suited chef!
    With a "grin" like that, he might outdo the cravat "bloke" already on the show???? I would think a great improvement to that show. At least your Mr. "Resplendent" would be able to point out where the different cuts of beef come off the bullock!
    Looks like the young country kids take this cattle judging business very seriously. Pity the city ones couldn't find something worthwhile to take an interest in.
    Cheers ( before the upcoming freeze!)
    Colin (HB)

  6. Oh you get up to such interesting stuff! x

  7. Sounds fun, what a great way to involve and educate the young ones.

  8. You all look to have had a wonderful time. all those ribbons too.

  9. That is an impressive haul of ribbons - and dirty laundry. Guess one has to be prepared for one to get the other, huh?

  10. People are always amazed when I say I have 4 washing machines. But how else am I to get through piles like that regularly and have a normal job. The washing on farms is a full time occupation! Not to mention when we go to events out and about.



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