Sunday, 24 June 2012

Comfort Food

What could be better on a cold, drizzly, Wintry day than a tray of

warm Cinnamon rolls, slathered in coffee icing?

Why, two trays of course.


  1. Oh my that looks absolutely divine. Baking is wonderful when it's cold. I just did the usual egg and bacon pie, and I think I'll whip up some more banana bread, and for dinner it's a Jamie Oliver chicken pie.

    I need to be a bit more creative and bake some of the fabulous things you do ... I won't go so far as smoking my own meat though!

  2. Certainly the weather for comfort food....good thing I've dismantled my oven to clean it! The reasoning behind doing this is to stop me baking goodies that are too hard to resist, for today anyhow..
    Are these the Pioneer Woman's recipe?

  3. Oh wow they look absolutely delicious. Can I pop over for one?

  4. oh yum, any left? I'll pop down for smoko tomorrow! (and are they easy to make? I'm all for quick and easy recipes!)

  5. Recipe PLEASE!!!!!!!!!!

  6. Hi Fiona
    I would to pass onto you the Liebster Award
    How good do those scrolls look!!!! Yummm!

  7. Got to tell you. Old Di and I had a slumber party on Saturday night. Got wrapped up in our cosiest lap rugs in our big lounge chairs and waited for the Royal Ascot broadcast. Cheese and Chocolate at midnight and then a celebratory sip of wine after the race at 1:00am. Who said us townies don't know how to have a good time! Hip Hooray for Black Caviar.

    1. hooray for living life on the edge hey Old Nev ;-) although if you are going to stay up late why not do it in style (skip on the cheese and have a bit more chocolate!) didn't even consider watching it, got it on replay the next morning, and wasn't it a close race. I don't think she'll let 'em get that close again next time!

  8. Let's hope there is a next time Sharon.

  9. Oh Lady - you're killing me! I have a recipe from Hawaii that has macadamia nuts in them. I am SO making cinnamon rolls this week. xx



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