Friday, 22 June 2012


I'm not sure whether State of Origin fever has caused it, but there's been a whole lot of footballing going on around here.  Late afternoons when the jobs are done, dogs and pigs and chooks and weaners and bulls fed, milkers' calves put away, scraps emptied and eggs collected, footballs are gathered and we head to the front lawn.

The golden rays of a Winter sun low in the western sky, the ever-so-slight chill of a tropical Winter evening in the air, all add to the enjoyment.

Knee-high socks seem mandatory,

though why, we're not quite sure.

Teenage girls may or may not play.  Depending on fancy.

Boy children, in desperate need of hair-trimming, 

must play.

Pretty, blonde Hawaiian-dancing girls with Straight A report cards do as they please.

While the boy-child shows that Western dance isn't his only field.  New age modern vogue also part of his repertoire.
And perhaps when the clippers come out, we'll give the background shrubbery a short-back and sides as well.


  1. Ha! His hair's not that bad! Though I did look at my middle child thinking he needed a shear. I love the photos of him kicking the footy. Bless.

    Love the pins on the Hawaiian-shorted one! WOW!

  2. Let him grow his hair Fiona :) Gosh you make me laugh..LOVE your witty words x

  3. Haven't been by for awhile, your bunch has shot up like the weeds in my garden....LOL
    Liked your comments about the turkeys, that was great......... Always enjoy when you stop by.

  4. Never a dull moment at your place, Fiona. I'm absolutely convinced that you bus never sit still for a moment.

    The hair is fine by my (admittedly low) standards. I reckon youve got at least another month. At least! x

  5. Wallace looks a bit like my boy, I call it his winter coat (and then he will go visit granny for the day and come back shorn..she can't resist a haircut request from any of her boys, little or big, although why they prefer her haircuts over mine I have NO idea!)

    I think that #2 girl has her mothers legs...and I notice that you seem to be coping very well as a mother of a teenage girl! (I do hope you manage to skip right over all of the angst bit that comes with teenaged girls!)

    and as for the duranta, I would never knowingly plant another one if I ever had a choice, mock orange all the way for me instead.

  6. I think Wallace is darn near bald as compared to my present Wild man of darkest Africa top section! I had marked down on my desk calendar for today in BOLD letters - HAIR CUT, Saturday 23rd - mandatory!
    Well with conjunctivitis and now a severe head and chest cold, the last thing my barber (shearer) wants anywhere near him or in his shop is me. Don't come to Brisbane for a while, conjunctivitis is rampant! As is runny noses!
    Cheers between sniffles!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  7. With a kicking action such as his, perhaps he should be introduced to AFL ... real footy of course!

    And you know how I am feeling about the clippers!

  8. Good looks are one thing, but a good kick now that is gold.



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