Sunday, 3 June 2012

Glimpses of a Weekend Gone

The weekend wasn't spent entirely flower-gazing.

Getting weaners out of these yards was high on the checklist.

As was baking.

Choc Bits never lasting long in the pantry.

I knocked up some patty cakes and returned to find Jessie had lent a hand with the finishing touches.

Hams and Bacon were smoked. 

Dad and I headed out early,

returning for a late breakfast cum brunch this Sunday.

These monstrosities in our far back corner somewhat of a necessary blight on an otherwise pristine landscape.

Pesky weaners, first day out.  And all wanting to explore my houseyard.

These dozen renegades finding their way through more than one fence and having to be walked home with dogs and Dad (beneath those above monstrosities).

Evening relaxation as the sun sets ...  hangman.

Early winter skies are just the best.

Sarah's experimenting with hairstyles.

A lovely weekend at home.
We are truly blessed.


  1. Hallo Fiona
    Danke, das wir ein klein wenig an eurem Leben teilhaben dürfen, es ist immer schön von euch zu lesen!
    Liebe Grüße aus Deutschland von Wilma

  2. It looks amazing out your way. There is nothing better than winter flowers.
    Kids looking beautiful & relaxed as usual. Looks like a great weekend. Niki

  3. There's nothing nicer than some ordinary family time when everyone is mellow.

  4. Thanks for the glimpses of what looks like a delightful weekend. I do love the photo of the weaners at the garden fence - talk about a picture tells a story!!

  5. Beautiful pictures - as per usual! My hubby used to fly along those feeder lines in a helicopter, washing the insulators with a high pressure water hose. And take photos of the land along the way. Pretty cool job! Do you ever see them? You always make me jealous with your beautiful baking!!

    1. I had no idea that job even existed. We do see helicopters flying over, but usually the smaller power line, and only when the power's out and they're 'fault-finding'.

  6. Gee, I adore your glimpses, Fiona! They're always so diverse and give me a much deeper insight into life on the land. The hangman shot is my fave. J x

    1. We play a lot of hangman. Always fairly tricky with Sal, as her spelling's not yet quite there! Bit like the early days of playing eye-spy, when everything started with G. Mountain, sky, road. All G.

  7. your bouganvillea are looking great, recovering from that excited weekend of pruning a few months back no doubt! nothing like a good weekend at home the pic of the weaners being led home by the gumboot clad husband! love weaners and their wonderful curious mob mentality!

    (although weaners have an uncanny ability to find houseyard/shed gates open just a crack in which to enter. precious little petals.)I fear for the state of your lovely ornamental grasses, I bet the ones closest to the fence get a little extra bonus pruning.

    1. I think husband was wishing all the horses weren't at Bottle Tree. Think of your heart-health I said. By the time they made it back to the house paddock, they were the most well-behaved little weaners you'd ever wish to see.

  8. Hi Fiona,
    great pictures as always. Spring is all around by the looks of it. Hope you and your lovely family are keeping well!
    I happen to read the comment from Weidemama, happy to translate it for you. She says: Dear Fiona, thank you for letting me participate in your daily life. It is always nice to read.
    Kind regards,



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