Sunday, 10 June 2012

Good Sports

Thursday was our annual Interhouse Sports Carnival.  Unfortunately, our Green team weren't victorious.

Which left us pondering


For we ran like the wind;

leapt like grasshoppers;

bounded like kangaroos;

jumped like green frogs;

ate sausages on bread;

enthusiastically cheered on our mates;

and enjoyed jelly cups as an afternoon treat.

And at the end of the day were all smiles.  Win or lose, 'twas a fun day in the sun.


  1. I love sports carnivals. Our blue team never wins either, but we have the best day. Go kids....

  2. well we probably have enough kids this year for interhouse (17) but instead we have interschool here next week, between three small schools - max 25 kids I think. all events hotly constested, sportsmanship is high and all have a ripping time.

    I don't think our oval will be nice and green like yours though! "slashed paddock" is a more apt description!



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