Sunday, 17 June 2012

No 'Mother of the Year Award' this Year

Someone in this household turned thirteen this weekend.

Which meant there was cake.

Chocolate Cherry Fudge Cake.

And a beautiful teenage girl.

Who spent the day fishing on Grandad's boat with her sisters, brother, Dad, Nan and Grandad
... while Mum

headed to the races.


  1. OH MY GOODNESS, where to start. Firstly your girl is so beautiful & you must be so proud. A teenager. WOW. She looks so happy. Such a gorgeous girl. That cake-um that looks amazing & now I am craving Chocolate Cherry Fudge Cake. OMG. And you-WOW again. You look like a model. I love the colours in the top & the hat is divine. You have gorgeous style. I love it. Niki x x x

  2. Birthday wishes to the teenager in the house. Oh my that cake looks scrumptious. And you all dressed up, lovely.

  3. Birthday wishes to your DD. How exciting a teenager. The cake looks most decadent.

  4. Oh, I reckon that cake makes up for it. She is a happy, lovely birthday girl!

    How beautiful you look! I hope you had a day as bright and happy as your smile. Although, I do prefer you in your 'ordinaries', which to me are extraordinary.

  5. Your first teenager! Happy Birthday! Chocolate Cherry Fudge Cake - a mouthful in more ways than one. As for the fishing - the haul looks impressive but I can guarantee if I was there they wouldn't have caught a thing..and you look great (again). I really like your shoes - bit different to your tired old sandshoes! Mare

  6. well I am pretty sure that your (OMG TEENAGE) girl wouldn't have felt unloved with mum producing a cake like that just for her! (and then a day out having fun!)

    and you scrub up all right ;-)and a nice set of pins revealed from under the jeans! Its nice to get the glad rags on even though yes I think we are all more comfortable in our jeans and joggers! (pantihose are an invention that while giving a nice end result are the work of the devil to install one self into. Or maybe that is just me?!)

    Happy Birthday Sarah!

  7. Happy Birthday Sarah! Time goes even faster once they hit their teens!! And yes you do "scrub up" nicely Fiona - it's great to be out of work clothes even just for a little while!!

  8. Look out Melbourne! Come November at the VRC carnival, the "fashions of the field" winner, just might come from brahman cattle country in Qld.
    Happy start to teenage years, Sarah.
    Pretty cool shots all round.

  9. Fiona, that cake looks lovely and gooey and fudgey and pretty perfect if you ask me ... you are obviously not eating much of it though, or the running is really paying off - you look fantastic!

  10. Happy birthday to the beautiful teenager! That cake looks very special, no wonder she looks so happy. And mother looks lovely - and happy too!

  11. Happy Birthday to a lovely young lady! What a delicious cake!

    You look absolutely gorgeous Fiona!

  12. Happy birthday to the newest teen in the family. You look gorgeous b.t.w.!!!



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