Tuesday, 12 June 2012

Rapunzel, Rapunzel

The girls in this household have discovered the delights of braiding their hair into as many plaits as they can find hairbands for, leaving it in as long as possible, and then unravelling to reveal the following:

So cool!

And they think they've discovered something new!


  1. that is one head of very beautiful hair! Do not ever let her cut it short!

  2. beautiful hair!!! I braid my daughters after she gets out of the pool and then she takes them out when it dries and she likes the same results.

  3. my lament as a child was that mum wouldn't let me grow my hair long. I battle with a child that too has the same very very very thick hair and a sensitive scalp and now I know why mum did it. I used to want to do this very thing...

    and remember crimping irons? you can still buy them, they are back in! there is a suggestion for the next birthday!

    and finding hairbands is also a problem in this house. I've taken to hiding them in my jacket pockets for my own personal use. And how come, when I am the only one that uses hair combs, they too seem to vanish like the wind. Somewhere out there is a collection of hair ties, combs and odd socks having a grand old time!

  4. Ah I remember doing that ... I loved having my hair in a braid and the soft fluffy result.

  5. Fiona, as you know Jessie is idolised in this household. A certain little girl, with a signature short hairstyle has taken to putting clips and bands in her hair so that she can be "just like Jessie"!

  6. With that hair and those eyes Jess will surely be modelling something one day; she's a beautiful girl. Mare

  7. Her crowning glory indeed, beautiful. Mine never would grow that long, though I tried as a young girl.

  8. If you do it when wet,or give it a good water spray when braided, it turns out even better.....we call it Fairy hair,

  9. TOTALLY not letting Violet see this pic... her hair (as you may have noticed) is a source of pride for her too. And I managed to get her to let the hairdresser trim it this week. That may never happen again if she sees this pic!

  10. Wow, that's a lot of hair. Is there a school play coming up and the young daughter is auditioning for the role of that "Princess" in some Tower, who lowers her braids down for "lover boy" to climb up???
    Can't think of what play it is? Now this will drive me "bats" all day - ha ha!

  11. Isn't that funny that our little people think it's a new concept? Just like all the "new" songs that we Mums already know!!??



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