Monday, 11 June 2012

Rocky Show

We called into the Show Saturday morning to watch the Brahman judging before heading to Bottle Tree and Chabo to yard and draft bulls before a bull-buyer visited Sunday.

It's that time of year when bulls come home to go on feed in preparation for Spring sales.


  1. What a lovely photo - you sure are a good-looking family.

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  3. That's a great family shot Fiona. We're heading back to Bell to pull weeds, strip wallpaper and hang gates. Mare

  4. I reckon it's all in the jeans...sorry genes.

  5. great to see all of you, slightly different to see you all rugged up (certainly has been cold enough long enough to see me ratting through cupboards to find more coats to wear so grubby ones can be washed!)

    hope your girl got the long weekend off to help you with those bulls...

  6. PS.By the way, Michael asked me to thank you for letter.

  7. You all look gorgeous- so did the kids nag for rides and showbags? or are they like mine and getting a bit past it?

  8. Gorgeous family snap. Four kids bring a lot of joy, don't they... ;)

    You have also inspired my stay at home big boy that is feeling a bit unwell and myself to whip up a lemon merengue something or another for dessert tonight.

    That book - Sourdough - has everything you need to make your own starter. There is no need to have the old one that has been passed down for ages - it's all a bunch of hoopla. It takes about a week I think to get it activated. She also sells hers on her website. I ordered the book on at the best price. Good luck! I'm telling you - it's love/hate!!

    Speaking of love - that bacon..... oh yeah!



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