Tuesday, 19 June 2012

This Week ...

There's been a little cleaning action:
Little kids' cupboard before:

And after:

Yet another clean up of the bookshelf

meant another tearful Old Pig experience.

I was never able to read this to any of my kids.

They console me, telling me it's only a pig.

Don't be sad little Pig.  You're not "only" a pig to me.
This teenager has already started holidays,

counting sleeps until the others join her, though possibly feeling a little smug at school drop-off.
There've been some sleep-overs.

These two little ones, 

friends since birth enjoying a little late afternoon companionship.
Golden afternoons just perfect for a little frolicking.

These little tykes not far off weaning.

Blissfully unaware of the story of Old Pig.


  1. I love this post so much. So wonderful these ordinary days of our lives. A teenager, does it blow your mind just a little. It's bizarre isn't it? You are so very blessed Fiona & I want to so badly to visit your little corner of the earth one day. x

  2. Gorgeous photos as usual Fiona! We have just started eating our own animals (lamb) and I've actually found it a bit hard since I adore the animals so much so this Post was a great comfort knowing you feel a bit the same :-D

  3. I haven't read the Old Pig book but I can imagine the storyline. It's one thing that comes with farming I guess. I wonder how many people would still eat meat if they had to raise the animals it came from?
    Your kids' wardrobe is lovely and oraganised now. I think mine needs the same sort of attention.

  4. and this is the woman who was cutting up bacon the other day with grim determination of revenge on the live ones still wreaking havoc upon your garden.... ;-)

    and I bet that wardrobe, if your kids are anything like mine, will stay that way until after school this afternoon. and then they wine they can't find any shorts/undies/jarmies...

  5. I know I don't comment much - memo to self, must do better! - but I LOVE your blog ... just saying :D

    Don't think I know the story of Old Pig, who wrote it?

  6. Fiona, you are gifted with that camera. Your pig shots are as beautiful as all the others.

  7. Winter sunlight is perfect light for photos, I love it ... well, I would love it if I ever got the chance to see it again!
    I was on cupboards this morning too - and, cupboards that little people won't get in to so there is half a chance they will remain okay for a while!

  8. I love that book Old Pig....we had tears in our classroom when it was read over the air.



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