Monday, 11 June 2012

Wintry Skies and Weaners

Friday was our show holiday.  Which meant a full work-force present and accounted for.

Dad still had a sale to attend and we had weaners to come through the yards one last time on the way through to their new paddock.

With three kids in the back of the ute, Sarah directing dogs and Jessie shooting photographs from the passenger's seat,

it wasn't long before we had them yarded.

Ruby, who was meant to have puppies last week but didn't, worked in unison with her brother Steel

to bring these babies home.

And earned themselves some special attention

on the verandah during smoko.


  1. Nice looking dog.....I'd buy a pup if I lived closer ;) I like your family portrait (next post) the kids favour you both. I love your hat too....I've never seen one quite like that in this country.

  2. Gorgeous dog. Gorgeous kids! Hope all is going well.

  3. This weekend we had the Great Australian Pub Crawl and The Port Precinct Wine and Food Festival and the Heritage City Country Music Festival. I stayed home and watched the Qld Firebirds play netball on TV. I guess that's why they call me OLD Nev.

  4. weaners? ginormous, here I was thinking ours were pretty healthy looking really, but now, like them, am feeling a bit insignificant!

  5. As always I love your photos of the family on the job!!



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