Sunday, 22 July 2012

A Sunny Sunday

I was so excited to be given a small collection of ferns for our verandah yesterday from a lovely lady who had a few spares in her shade-house.  In need of some splitting up, the girls and I broke them up and re-potted them this morning, enjoying the beautiful sunshiney weather.

My cheeky husband came around, said a few solemn words and made the sign of the cross over them.

Possibly I've been known to sacrifice a few items of greenery in the past.

While I fussed on the verandah, Jessie washed layers of dirt and mud from the car.

Wallace baked choc-chip biscuits, Sally washed out dog cages, and Sarah hosed the breezeway after working dogs with her Dad.

All signs of the wet weeks just gone, washed away.


  1. Ferns look lovely. I do like the first pot. They're not an easy plant to look after. The ground's a bit sodden in Brisbane still. Have a good week.

  2. I'm also quite good at killing green things. Pity, because they do make a home look stylish.

  3. The ferns are very lovely and look so fresh and bright. I would not have good luck with them in this wicked weather here.

  4. Best of luck with the ferns. They are such a lovely and bright addition the the verandah.

  5. Your verandah looks like a lovely place for a cup of tea or glass of champagne. Or two. Bet you hardly get a chance to sit in that chair though...

    Loved the dress in the previous post too.


  6. Lovely ferns! I can't keep much alive apart from trees and roses. Of course the frosts don't help me!

  7. I think those sort of ferns are the easiest ones to grow, fancy smacncy delicate ones like maidenhair (of which I had visions of flourishing in my sunny, and every evening, steamy, bathroom, but no so) are a different matter. But still every so often, I forget the deaths of those before them, and try again....(smart a#sed husbands notwithstanding)

    I've just gotten back from the city driving a 4WD with a rather grubby exterior - not 4" rain muddy, but certainly far from clean. Even by my low standards it had me grimacing, but the weather before I left was just too chilly to contemplate sending a child out to attack with a hose and old cloth nappy. However I am planning on carving out a few minutes tomorrow with a pressure cleaner, even if I have to beg borrow or steal one in order to do so (husband has ours hidden somewhere under lock and key, evidently its a precious Boy Toy!)

  8. I do love the look of feel occupied children! Makes Sunday all the more pleasant!



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