Tuesday, 24 July 2012

Fettuccine, Flowers & Favourites

You can see by the food splatters on this page that this is one of Jessie's favourite dishes to share with us.

The nights Dad's away we generally enjoy a little more relaxed dining.  Not so when Jessie takes charge.  Though with no chicken mince in stock she had to substitute pork mince.  With no tinned tomatoes she used fresh combined with some condensed tomato soup.  With no spaghetti, she used fettuccine.  The addition of a little Chinese Five Spice to the mince, and those meatballs sang.

So all in all we could have done without the recipe.

Thankfully she didn't need eggs.

Two pyjama-clad girls could be seen searching the dome for breakfast this morning.  We eat quite a lot of eggs and the seven old hens are struggling to keep up.

Which means baking occurs as surplus eggs dictate,

this Raspberry Coconut Slice using up the last three today.

I was given these flowers as a thankyou gift the other day.

I'd forgotten how much I love fresh flowers.

I've been moving them around the house with me so as to fully enjoy them.

I'd love to buy a bunch every town day.  But such frivolity isn't in my nature.
Instead I'll buy some tinned tomatoes and spaghetti.


  1. Fresh flowers are wonderful. You should treat yourself :)

  2. It must be nice having dinner cooked for you. The meatballs look delish.
    Fresh flowers are a treat here. My last bunch was proteas, which were lovely as they last so long. x

  3. I adore lillies, and if I happen to spy them marked down at woolies I will occassionaly bring some home (even better if the buds haven't opened yet). Haven't done that in AGES but after this week, I reckon I must be due for some (long story) so will make sure to grab some along with supplies of milk etc on Friday!

  4. Tell Jessie we have eggs to share here at moment! An abundance of Bush lemons, passionfruit and eggs = Lemon Blossum slice here tonight.
    Flowers look gorgeous - well deserved, I would say..

  5. If the Chef made the meatballs sing, she is indeed very good! They say baking is a science and cooking is an art...I love baking bread but it is cooking I enjoy the most!
    Flowers bring such colours to our life!
    Thanks for sharing a little of your corner of the world!

  6. Don't you just love it when the kids are old and interested enough to cook? Beautiful flowers! hint, cut those stamens off the lilies, they will stain, if they get on anything use stickytape gently to pick it up. My chooks have eased off on the egg production- even my well timed POL ones- running out of food for a day, does them no good!

  7. I love how your children are such good cooks. The answer to having fresh flowers is to plant those that will look after themselves. I have a lily I can't remember planting but every year it comes up and delights, strelizia the same, azaleas, camellias, they all flower beautifully without any help from me.

  8. Jessie is my kind of cook - nothing like adapting a favourite recipe!

  9. Yum! Can we have the slice recipe too? I got used to fresh flowers when I was first diagnosed this year and have been slipping them in between the tomatoes and spaghetti at the supermarket. Nobody notices at home but I LOVE them! Hope the chooks catch up soon.

  10. Well done to the innovative young cook, the meatballs look great! Glad you are enjoying those flowers - you deserve them.

  11. ps need advice, my chooks have not layed properly in months. considering chopping their heads off entirely, they are not earning their keep at all!



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