Saturday, 7 July 2012

Holiday Days

These past few days have flown too quickly.  The July calendar is filling fast.

After the mad scramble on the first of every month to pinch and punch one's siblings, there's then the race for this fridge-calendar to wipe out the past month and refresh with the new.  There's no mention here of end of financial year bookwork, BAS's, fencing, the final weaning and number crunching for the forthcoming CQ Carcase comp.
Of late there's been some haircutting;

yet another failed macaron baking exercise,

still quite delicious according to the troops, but not quite photo-worthy (under-mixed my research indicates). 

Hawaiian tea cake baking was far more successful,

as was this old faithful cheesecake,

impossible to fail with that ingredient list, though the boy didn't particularly enjoy being left with the dishes.

There was of course an important football game to be watched, though Wal was the last man standing, us girls all sleeping soundly in the lounge.

These girls have been enjoying some special time before Sunday is upon us.

others cocooning themselves in from the cool Winter morns we've enjoyed.

I've woken the past few mornings with the sad realisation another set of holidays have come and gone.
Let's make the most of these last two days.


  1. Don't make me cry now. Working's the pits when it's school holidays and they're all at home. Draconian industrial laws mean I can only get 4 weeks holiday a year! That's scandalous.

    Your lot look cosy and comfy and like they've enjoyed their time at home. I think you're brave even thinking about macaroons! Keep up the good work!

  2. I remember that feeling - the holidays slipping away, school looming; it used to make me so sad. Meg is home for the weekend; we're making washing liquid and cooking tomato relish and we might even have our first attempt at soap - I'll send you a bar if it turns out ok! Drew has 2 more weeks at home before he sets sail. Enjoy the weekend. Mare

  3. I just read your comment - G is off to the Snr sale this Tues. Drew is also on the Airlie Beach to Mackay trip. His kit arrived during the week; he's petty excited.

  4. Back to jail made me smile - Oh yes, I remember that feeling! xxx

  5. "jail" heh heh, I don't have to guess who won the race to the calendar this time! Boarding school kids up here have scored three weeks holidays, of which we state school parents are most envious of (well, on the other hand, as yet another brawl starts in the living room over who has whose bit of lego....)

    and I wouldn't say that I have ENJOYED any of the recent freezing winter mornings up here, having scored at least two significant frosts (as in ones that have done the most damage to my garden that I've seen in the past 10 years!)and several minor ones...but in good news! Wood heater installed, working wonderfully and burning its way through an astonishing amount of firewood. My fire lighting skills are very poor, am learning quickly the perfect timing on adding just another wee log to keep nice coals going all day, which means I can avoid the need to strike a match...

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  7. Hi Fiona
    I note two tennis dates on your calendar. I hope that these are for your children? Practice and more practice. Good God, this year at Wimbledon two Canadians have won the Juniors!
    Didn't Rod "Rocket" Laver come from up your neck of the woods? We badly need more like him to put us back where we belong.
    That strange hair piece atop one of your girls, well today I saw a real person with about 20 times more of these "ringlets" get on the train. They went down to his backside. Horrendeous and it looked filthy. I doubt if this person has ever worked in his short life.
    Ah!!!!! the strange things of today that we see.

  8. We had a bunk bed cubby looking a lot like that going on here today! Love the tradition of fighting to write on calendar. Back to Jail was the first thing that caught my eye also! Lots delicious cooking going on at your house. My kids have requested baking for tomorrow. Thankfully we still have another week to go. I love school holidays!!

  9. I haven't been around commenting lately. And when I get back I find you have pinched my crocheted blanket. The one in the foreground of the last photo - that's mine! My mother, who made it for me, will testify on my behalf!!
    Hope your kids love it as much as my grandkids do!



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